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I also have concerns about where the alchemist is right now, but as has been pointed out earlier (and officially confirmed) alchemist's are in the highest change space in the playtest, as their core mechanics are based on a new game system that is still very much under construction.

Effectively, the alchemist is a building being built on top of a construction site. Yeah, it's gonna look wobbly for a bit. But that's no reason to be lashing out at people. In fact, it is a great reason to provide sound, rational feedback that the people that love this game at least as much as we do can use to refine the final product.

So yes, I am inclined to agree that alchemist's have some issues with the power of their abilities, especially when moderated by the number of times per day they can use those abilities. I think there are some very interesting ideas in this thread, and would love to see what else the community can come up with. But goodness me, let's put on our sensible adult hat and be civil about it.


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I hope there is a religious order of sol, or similar, to allow all the praising of the sun i intend to do.

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I don't believe chain challenge is pfs legal, unfortunately.

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Haven't seen anyone mention shrink item yet, for transportation. Turns a huge statue into a tiny statue, 1/4000 its original mass.

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Haven't seen anyone mention shrink item yet, for transportation. Turns a huge statue into a tiny statue, 1/4000 it's original mass.

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Weird is in the juxtaposition of the mundane with the incongruous.

If you only detail the weird and wacky, thats the new normal.

If you want to make something weird, play uo the normality of the surrounds leading up to it.

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+1 for the vigilante.

Avoid the secrecy aspect, and just play up the dual nature of a warlord ruler. A magnanimous and righteous ruler to his people, a creature of nightmare and terror on the battlefield.

Have your horned battle helmet sit beside you on a pedestal while you adjudicate fairly the problems of your people, a grim reminder of the force of nature you become when pushed too far.

EDIT: The Faceless Enforcer might be useful in achieving this.

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I'm going to second Asmodeum advocate. Everything you need for a contract wielding lawyer cleric.

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My pfs paladin always strives to be the best he can be, and set an example for others. He is tolerant and patient of others failures, and will always take the time to help someone who tries to do right by others.

My favorite paladin in literature is Michael Carpenter from the dresden books by Jim Butcher. If you have the time to read them, they are a great guide to a lawful good paladin rolling with a not so lawful, not as good wizard.

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There was a bunch of cool tech available in season 6 (I think it was 6?) That would be way cooler if it could be recharhed, rather than a bunch of one shots.

I would be very interested if there is some way to recharge things that is pfs legal.

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Between summons and the ranger and rogue, buffing bard would probably go a long way.

Also provides face skills if the summomer isn't covering that. And knowledge monkey. A high int and high cha buff bard would round out the group and help everyone else shine, without stealing the lime light.

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Woodoodoo wrote:
Pretty cool that you can be a scaled fist/sensei together for that charisma focus =)

Don't they both alter / replace bonus feats?

I guess that a reasonable DM would allow it, given that one adds new options for bonus feats, and one gets rid of the bonus feats entirely, but I think that means, for PFS players specifically, that these two don't stack.

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Derrick Winters wrote:
..Succor calls out that it does not stack with feats or class abilities - traits and magic items are fine.

Well bugga me, you're right. That looks quite effective then for a full caster with great front line support.

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Glade wrote:

Master Performer is a feat from the Pathfinder Chronicles: Faction Guide which is PFS legal I belive and should be ok by most GMs.

Master Performer is definitely not pathfinder society legal, has a significant roleplaying requirement, and should definitely not be allowed by DM's without due consideration.

To put it in perspective, Counterpoint to inspiration gives a +1 to ardic music, and is a massive feat chain that requires a mate to do the same. Whilst not all feats are equal, there is a very good reason Master performer is not PFS legal. It is very, very powerful.

Also the succour mystery calls out specifically that it does not stack with other bonuses on aid another (Paizo got wise to that after a few of these thread popped up).

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Isabelle Lee wrote:
I'm curious to see how the feat measures up, myself. I wrote it because it seemed like a good idea... but I'd love to see how good it is out in the wild. ^_^

Well awesome job! This kind of feat is great, it allows for much more multi classing and build variety.

I quite like a few levels of a martial class, and go tag team with your phantom. Unlike the summoner, who has summon monster SLA to keep up the offense, the spiritualist relies on either bad touch or melee/archery. A couple of levels fighter will give you heavy Armour, more choices of weapon, and enough feats to be immediately capable of most weapon styles.

Alternatively, the phantom can deliver touch spells from other classes, so use it like a ghostly magus. 1 level spiritualist + Phantom Ally, then the rest in Draconic Sorcerer with empowered shocking grasps. All the fun of touch spells, none of the danger.

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Emerald spire can have almost 0 role play, if you choose so. Ran it for my group of roll players and they enjoyed it.

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Hunters get reduce animal at level 4, so the wolf can be brought down to managable size for an hour per level with one cast. 3k for a lesser rod of extend at level 7 will net you 14 hours of medium sized wolf, which should cover you for pfs.

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My Level 10 paladin in PS picked up unsanctioned knowledge, but I jsut noticed your intelligence is 5? Really?

The maths on improved crit for a nodachi is very good, especially when smiting. Crits are worth more the more flat damae bonus you have.

Some of the magic item feats from the weapon masters handbook can be good for getting around the paladins lack of utility (divination for see invis, flight mastery for flight).

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Finger's crossed for the one in 36 chance my elemental lives to fight for one more turn!

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Klorox wrote:
Once a DM I played with ruled I could not get the "extra discovery" feat for my alchemist at lvl 1 because I did not have the discovery feature yet... did not bother me more than that but the same reasoning could be applied to deny revelations to a revelation less oracle archetype

That's not really a house rule. You have to meet requirements of feats before you can take them. Extra revelation requires having a revelation, the same way weapon focus requires BAB +1. It's not enough to have "the potential down the line if I take more levels in the class" to qualify, you have to meet the requirements when the feat is taken. So no Revelations (because you traded them all out for archetypes), no extra revelations.

The ring of relations is a whole other kettle of fish. Great way to get a key revelation or two. Consider lore or Nature for CHA to AC, and take the noble scion (war) feat to allow a dex dump stat. Will make it easier to be combat and caster at the same time.

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Maybe a slayer instead?

Can you break down exactly what abilities / flavor you wanted to emulate?

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Straight out buffing intelligence always helps, but I imagine at level 15 you've got that as high as it is likely to readily get.

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Anger Nogar wrote:

There is no extra smite, but there is extra challenge feat.

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/feats/3rd-party-feats/louis-porter-jr-design/genera l-feats---3rd-party---louis-porter-jr/extra-challenge
There is extra lay on hands that an order of vengeance paladin can use for extra smites.

I should rephrase: there is no Paizo 1st party "Extra Challenge" feat. If this is for a home game, and your DM is fine with 3rd party stuff, then have at it.

Consider instead, if this is for PFS or your DM isn't as keen on third party, the chain challenge feat. At level 7, even with a negative Cha, it will give you three extra challenges a day (sort of)

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Fun fact that caught me recently in game: there is no extra challenge feat. Nor extra smite.

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Tumor familiar feat. The cross blooded bloodrager qualifies.

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Sorry for the thread necro, but I recently stumbled upon a named Mithral armoured coat, which would seem to definitively answer how to treat an armoured coat (primarily metal, metal special materials).

Lifecollar Coat

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He is specifically noted to be using a "swashbuckling" style, that Entreri initially regards as flamboyant and useless, and eventually as flamboyant and dangerous.

I would say swashbuckler/rogue.

I think the real key for playing any of the cast of the 3e Greenwood/Salvatore characters is just being a way higher level than most of the rest of the world. Most of the core cast is well above those around them, and will be very hard to imitate at lower levels.

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I believe it was clarified under the battle host occultist that immunity to the broken condition resulted in the item not taking penalties due to being "Broken", but did not prevent hit point loss or stop the item from being destroyed.

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calagnar wrote:

This is how bards win at buffing.

level 1-6 Inspire Courage
level 7-12 Move Action Inspire Courage, Standard Action Good Hope, or Haste.
Level 13+ Swift Action Inspire Courage, Move Action Metamagic Rod Quicken: Haste, Standard Action Good Hope.

Please note that you cannot swap a swift action for a move action, the way you can a move for a standard. The routine at this level is instead:

Swift - Rod metamagic quicken (haste)
move - Bardic Music
Standard - Good Hope

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I remember, when I first found Pathfinder


And I saw how often they were releasing new content


And I thought "Oh my, that's a lot of content, I couldn't possibly read all that"




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Perhaps the easiest way to fond this kind of information is to use Archive of Nethys, specifically the search feature. You can search the feat you are hunting, tick the "Class" box, and return all classes (and archetypes) that would give you that feat. Search also for feat types (combat, teamwork, metamagic etc).

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From a build peespective, using a large bastard sword will give you very similar damage with a much lower accuracy hit.

Abyssal bloodrager goes large at level 4, which is the fastest, action economy efficient way, for a full martial to go large.

So far as the whole full attack argument, this kind of build can make excellent use of vital strike, given the end state of the weapon damage dice. In pfs, vital striking 4d8 to 8d8 should cover you.

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Siegebeast2142 wrote:
Zedorland wrote:
Multiple seperate size increases do not stack. Additionally, multiple "effective" size increases do not stack (ie: lead blades and impact).
Do you have something saying from the CRB? Because talking about it with my venture captain, he didn't see a problem with any of it.

This faq FAQ

States that size increases (from any source) do not stack. Same for weapon damage.

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Multiple seperate size increases do not stack. Additionally, multiple "effective" size increases do not stack (ie: lead blades and impact).

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You're looking pretty sweet, honestly.

Quick check on your stats, should charisma be +1 bonus for 13, rather than +2?

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At least one level of investigator gets you free inspiration on knowledge checks, which is slightly better than skill focus on all knowledge checks.

Also, deific obedience: Irori gets you +4 on all knowledge checks.

With breadth of experience as well, you will be looking at an average of +9.5 on all knowledge checks, before skill ranks, abilities or bardic knowledge.

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Good golly gosh, so it is.

That's a crit on >50% of attacks. Get Excited.

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Fun statistics fact: if you use a keen 18-20 weapon with greater weapon of the gods, you have a 43.75% of threatening a critical strike.

(3/4*3/4 for probabiltiy of not getting a critical strike (rolling 14 or lower) = 9/16. Chance of getting a critical is therefore 1-(9/16) = 7/16 = .4375).

Yay Maths!

But actually, that is quite high. It would be worth looking into critical feats and effects that trigger on critical strikes in this case.

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Battering Blast can deal quite a lot of damage depending on caster level. With the intensified metamagic feat (from a rod maybe:

Cl 5 - 1 orb, 2d6 damage
Cl 10 - 2 orbs - 5d6 damage each
Cl 15 - 3 orbs, 7d6 damage each
Cl 20 - 4 orbs, 7d6 damage each

So nice, non-linear increase in damage with a higher caster level.

I am somewhat confused by how you are getting a higher caster level while mutliclassing multiple full casting classes. Seems like a really bad idea. Whats the trick?

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Fair enough. Whelp, if you wanted to get a gore attack without money, the feat Spirit Oni Master can grant you one, but it has Tian Xia demon flavour, rather than dragon, so maybe not.

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Ah, there we go, I was missing that point about bestial aspect.

Well, as you said in the first post, this isn't really about optimisation, so if you are happy with it, do what you think is cool :)

If you are super keen on claws, I would suggest finding other ways to get natural attacks, as mixing in weapon attacks is going to be difficult.

Half orcs can get a bite attack from trait or racial ability, which would stack well with your 2 claws. Also there are a few ways to get a gore attack. These would all get the amulet of might fists bonus.

Raging vitality should be enough, the half orc deathless initiate feats I've always found to be too expensive for what they do. If you need extra operating hit points, toughness and raging vitality together will give you more than deathless initiate will, after a certain point, and won't risk you permanently dying to a lucky hit.

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The harsh truth is that by level 13, the most dangerous spells are well and truly above level 4. Having said that, as a paldin, there are some spells that scare you and some that really shouldn't.

Firstly, spells that allow a save to negate really aren't likely to be too dangerous to you. paladins have probably the best saves in the game, and therefore spells like phantasmal killer or suggestion probably don't warrant protection.

Secondly, with lay on hands, flat damage spells aren't likely to be too much of a problem either. Fireball will deal half damage, which you can probably fully heal the next turn.

The spells you care about then are spells that target your (likely rubbish) touch AC and don't allow a saving throw. AVR suggested enervation, which is a good call. In fact an excellent call, because there really are not any other spells that allow spell resistance, give no save, and do something other than damage that you really care about.

Maybe gust of wind? Being slowed down is a pain as a paladin. Or even entangle.

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Erm, i don't follow. I think there are some problems with what you are suggesting:

1. The rage shapers "Bestial Aspect" doesn't affect your claws from the draconic bloodline. They only work on spells, the first such that grants you claws would alter self, that you would get access to at level 8.

2. Dragon style does not improve the damage of natural attacks (though the save bonuses and movement would still work)

3. You cannot use claws for unarmed attacks without a feat (the name escapes me).

In society play, you are going to, unless I'm not understanding it correctly, spend the vast majority of your pathfinder career with your archetype not doing anything, and then when it does, it will be somewhat lacklustre, most likely just turning a d6 into a d8 (when you can eventual cast alter self).

If you want to mix it up with unarmed attacks, I would suggest the bloody knuckled rowdy, that will give you unarmed attacks equal to your claw damage, free unarmed strike feat, free dragon style feat, and would let you use these abilities all the time.

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So wait, rage shaper seems to be based on your bloodrager level. Do you mean bloody-knuckled rowdy?

That would give you improved unarmed strike, a style feat (dragon style) and unarmed strike damage of a monk at level 3 (which, while only 1d6, is still damn better than 1d3 you would have otherwise)

Or are you planning on shape changing a lot, and if so, how?

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A sudden attack of hay fever as plants nearby hurl pollen in your general direction.

Also, i just noticed the spell "They Know" in that list.

What a delightful name for a spell. Very ominous.

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Additionally, steadfast personality protects from none of the following (some of these will not affect a halfling, but i got tired of adding new filters):

Spell like abilities:
Innumerable auras, areas, unique abilities and non mind affecting abiltiies

Evil eye

Analyze Dweomer
Bestow Curse
Chill Metal
Chill Touch
Command Plants
Command Undead
Control Plants
Control Undead
Death Knell
Dimension Door
Discern Lies
Halt Undead
Heat Metal
Inflict Light Wounds
Inflict Critical Wounds
Inflict Critical Wounds, Mass
Inflict Light Wounds, Mass
Inflict Moderate Wounds
Inflict Moderate Wounds, Mass
Inflict Serious Wounds
Inflict Serious Wounds, Mass
Magic Jar
Magic Mouth
Plane Shift
Delay Pain
Aboleth's Lung
Teleport, Greater
Undetectable Alignment
Baleful Polymorph
Mark of Blood
Cast Out
Crafter's Curse
Ghostbane Dirge
Ghostbane Dirge, Mass
Jester's Jaunt
Nature's Exile
Oracle's Burden
Sculpt Corpse
True Form
Unwilling Shield
Anticipate Peril
Curse, Major
Kalistocrat's Nightmare
Disfiguring Touch
Forced Quiet
Ice Crystal Teleport
Imbue with Aura
Interplanetary Teleport
Mad Hallucination
Marionette Possession
Share Memory
Utter Contempt
Bite the Hand
Bite the Hand, Mass
Eldritch Conduit
False Future
Hostile Juxtaposition
Hostile Juxtaposition, Greater
Hostile Levitation
Negative Reaction
Summoner Conduit
Twisted Space
Parasitic Soul
Soul Transfer
Black Spot
Severed Fate
Unravel Destiny
Black Mark
Old Salt's Curse
Veil Of Heaven
Wind Blades
Undine's Curse
Shadow Anchor
Project Weakness
Detect Relations
Telepathic Censure
Bleed Glory
Mythic Severance
Steal Power
Share Skin, Greater
Carrion Compass
Undeath Inversion
Early Judgment
Spell Scourge
Touch Of Bloodletting
Tracking Mark
Unwelcome Halo
Mathematical Curse
Bestow Curse, Greater
Sculpt Sound
Shadow Walk
Curse Of Burning Sleep
Dimensional Bounce
Hex Vulnerability
Mark Of Obvious Ethics
Spellcrash, Lesser
Spellcrash, Greater
Twisted Futures
Disrupt Link
Empathy Conduit
Alter Summoned Monster
Body Double
Calm Spirit
Entrap Spirit
Ethereal Envelopment
Mind Thrust II
Mind Thrust III
Mind Thrust IV
Mind Thrust V
Mind Thrust VI
Possession, Greater
Purge Spirit
Riding Possession
Respectful Quiet
Quell Energy
Pesh Vigor
Secret Sign
Curse Of Keeping
Mydriatic Spontaneity
Mydriatic Spontaneity, Mass
Baleful Shadow Transmutation
Masochistic Shadow
Shadow Trap
Umbral Infusion
Umbral Infusion, Mass
Build Trust
Foster Hatred
Conditional Curse
Deceitful Veneer
Illusion Of Treachery
Illusion Of Treachery, Greater
Open Book
Red Hand Of The Killer
They Know
Treacherous Teleport
Phasic Challenge
Alaznist's Jinx
Flexile Curse
False Vision, Greater
Itching Curse

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Eh, steadfast personality is nice where the charisma is already high, maybe, but the only thing a cavalier might want charisma for, apart from social skills (which are nice, admittedly) is chain challenge.

Even if he bumped his charisma to 14 (which would cost 6 points in either build, after racial modifier) it would still be worse than iron will, which gives a flat +2 to all will saves. Having 12 wisdom and iron will is better than 16 charisma and steadfast personality.

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I would recommend sticking to halfling, the shenanigans to get to medium size on a medium mount is too much effort.

I would also recommend dropping you strength a bit, it will give you so much more defence and utility to run something along the lines of:

16 (14)
12 (14)
7 (9)

Your will save is going to be terrible otherwise, and without iron will you will end up a liability to the party in some scenarios, or just out of it for the fight. Also, more skill points is nice.

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chaoseffect wrote:
Saethori wrote:
chaoseffect wrote:

Barbarian build focused around DR. Invulnerable Rager + Improved Stalwart + Dragon Totem (if you don't mind losing Pounce from Beast) = a max of DR 26 /-. You get hit but it just doesn't matter. It's pretty fun.
The listed combination provides only DR 20/-, not 26. Neither Dragon Totem nor any of the powers that bear it as a prerequisite give DR.
I meant the Dragon Totem line. The second one gives +2 DR for each Dragon Totem feat you have as well. With the three feats you get +6 DR, a limited Flight per day, and an good energy resit. It's not too bad.

The Dragon totem line has been FAQ'ed or Errata'ed (ill dig around to find it) to clarify that the "DR" was meant to say "energy resistance".

EDIT: Dragon Totem Errata

Also, as an aside, the invulnerable rager barbarian does not qulify for extra damage reduction rage power.

Extra rage power FAQ

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Armiger's Panoply

Another way to get armor onto yourself. A bit cheaper than the other options.

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