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The Appendix of the GameMastery Guide and other books, there's a list of books, movies, and even songs that were used or can be used for inspiration by the Devs and DMs for adventures and other elements.

So what are your inspirations that you would, or already do, use to make Sci-Fi/Fantasy worlds and adventures, or would like the Paizo devs to take a look at as they work on Starfinder?

Stephen Cowley -- Terran Trade Authority series
Keith Laumer -- Bolos series
Sandy Mitchell -- Ciaphas Cain series
Fred Perry -- Gold Digger
Dynamite Comics -- Flash Gordon
Jim Butcher -- The Dresden Files

Aldnoah Zero
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's
The King of Braves Gao Gai Gar
Voltron: Leganday Defender
Space Knight Tekkaman Blade/Teknoman

Video Games
- Arc System Works
-- BlazBlue
-- Guilty Gear

- Blizzard Entertaiment
-- Starcraft
-- Overwatch

- Capcom
-- Devil May Cry
-- Forgotten Worlds
-- Mega Man
-- Monster Hunter
-- Street Fighter
-- Strider

- Irem
-- R-Type

- Konami
-- Castlevania
-- Gradius
-- Metal Gear
-- Twinbee

- Midway
-- Strike Force

- Monolith Soft
-- Xeno series (Xenosaga, Xenoblade Chronicles

- Namco Bandai
-- God(s) Eater (Burst)
-- Super Robot Wars(Endless Frontier, Lord of Elemental)

- Nintendo
-- Pokemon
-- Star Fox
-- Super Mario Galaxy

-- Phantasy Star/Online/Universe
-- Sakura Wars
-- Skies of Arcadia
-- Valkyria Chronicles
-- Virtual On

-- The King of Fighters
-- Metal Slug

- Square Enix
-- Final Fantasy(VII, VIII, X, XII)
-- Kingdom Hearts
-- The World Ends Wtih You

- Sunsoft
-- Blaster Master

- Treasure
-- Guardian Heroes
-- Gunstar Heroes

Liberty's Edge

Frank Herbert's DUNE!

Although since Owen Stephens is a fan, I'm confident it will get on the lost anyhoo.

Sorry, got beat to it.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!

Ice Pirates

For sort of Science-Fantasy stuff:

Terry Prachett - Strata
David Weber - Hell's Gate
Brandon Sanderson - Elantris
Gene Wolfe - New Book of the Sun
Stephen King - the Dark Tower
Ursula K. Le Guin - The Left Hand of Darkness
Philip Paulman - The Northern Lights
Neil Gaiman and Micheal Reaves - Interworld
Nalo Hopkinson - Midnight Robber
Solea Razvan Mihai - A Symphony of Eternity
China Miéville - Bas-Lag Series and EmbassyTown
Julie E. Czerneda - Beholder's Eye
Lois McMaster Bujold - Shards of Honor (All of the Vorkosigan Saga pretty much)

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