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Just a quickie...
If I have canny tumble(link), and succeed in my acrobatics check, then replace my attack with a trip attempt, does my enemy get their dex to cmd? and do I get +2 to trip?

After a normal hit with canny tumble, if my weapon had ki intensifying(linker), and i tried to free action trip him, would the bronemy still lose their dex? and would I still get +2?

I am mongoose circling(link2.0), and I trip them on my first attack, does my next attack count as flanking?

sorry for the lame questions :/

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For your 3 questions:

Yes to both, because a trip attempt applies everything that applies to a melee attack roll.

No to both, because canny tumble specifically only provides a bonus to the "next melee attack roll" which you've already expended.

Yep, if your trip successfully hit you'll be flanking on the next attack.

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