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Remember how, in Eberron, it was Magewrights and the crafting of magic items that created industrialization? In my setting, it's the Alchemists, who easily outnumber every spellcasting class combined by a large margin among NPCs (though NPC Alchemists are rarely above 3rd level). Most any magic the average civilian can access comes from that class, and compared to Eberron they fill the roles of both Magewright and Artificer. With that said, what magic items would you expect to be common compared to Eberron? What do you think an army of Alchemists working diligently could do, and what couldn't they do?

Well, first off, I imagine that healing potions are going to be very common in most hospitals in your setting.

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I could see potions of ant haul being utilized in the construction of, well, anything large. Maybe that's how the Pyramids were built. *wink*

Bombs, gunpowder (or an equivalent), "super soldiers" who imbibe potions to gain super strength, super speed, and immunities.

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Biopunk rather than steampunk (especially considering those discoveries that grow limbs and sentient tumours).

Mechanisms could be fueled by bomb components and/or alchemist's fire, so "hard-tech" may be just as prevalent as "soft-tech." Quite a few steampunk novels put these two resources on opposing sides of a conflict, if you want to have warring cultures have different militaries. Just make sure you give the PCs a choice on which side they want to join.

if alchemy is in charge you would have labs full of alchemist testing experimenting and making fleshcrafts and bio constructs and other weird things so you might walk into a lab full of fluid filled tubes with beings floating in them while they are being modified. medical centers might be the same but instead of mutagenic fluids it would be some sort of curative bio gel/fluid.

in war you could have towering abomination of amalgamated flesh. but also have non magical medic that could close wounds in seconds with "insta scabs" not healed but safe from dieing. alchemist can heal but they cant really do it as well as a cleric which can close wounds instantly.
healing and replacement limbs made of spare body parts or constructed would be easily avalible along with poisons and alchemical weapons like alchemist fire and such. guns would be a thing guns with special kinds of ammo would be a thing guns that shoot magic might also be a thing. you might also have flying objects as well magical and non magical.....i am done word vomiting

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