Demodand names?


I noticed Pathfinder changed the naming convention of demodands.

Farastu = Tarry
Kelubar = Slimy
Shator = Shaggy

While this simplicity is useful, the more flavorful and "demodandish" naming convention is sorely missed by myself. I am looking for advice on what to name the two new demodands we've received so far:

Stringy = ???
Gristly = ???

Any ideas?


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I'm pretty sure the names were used from the tome of horrors because those are Open content, whereas the others are WotC-specific.

As for names for the new ones, I got nothin'. The Demodand names that already exist aren't from real world mythology, so you can't just pick more that are related. I suggest making up something that sounds right to you.

I guess Pelashor for Stringy and Yamakar for Gristly sounds good.

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