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Okay, just to give some context, this character was somewhat inspired by the weapon ideas in RWBY where their melee weapons are also guns. Therefore, I was looking at doing something along those lines. This build focuses on the warhammer musket.
This will be a PFS character built for a slot in which I've already put some GM credits, so the character will start at 1st level. I'm going with the mysterious stranger archetype for added damage on any type of gun as well as the ability to be the party face.
The mysterious stranger and feral hunter will each be one level dips and she'll go the rest of the way as a fighter for the BAB, the feats, the weapon training, and such.
The starting weapon as a gunslinger will be a pistol (which will go in a spring-loaded wrist sheath as a back-up weapon) and the combo of rapid reload and paper cartridges will keep the musket viable.
The feral hunter aspect allows me to switch from +2 to dex to +2 to str depending on if I'm in melee or ranged mode. It also lets me accommodate situational things like, "Oh, you cast deeper darkness? I use a swift action to gain the scent ability. Hey look, I found you."
Anyway, here's the build with a layout through level 7.
I love the half-orc bloody vengeance feat for this build as she can stand back and shoot things, but once a front-liner drops, she becomes a "barbarian" and rages for 4 rounds (but with only +2 to str and con).
My main concern for her is that the AC won't be too great.
Anyway, helpful thoughts, ideas, and brainstorming are absolutely welcome!

Feral Hunter 1/Mysterious Stranger 1

Str: 16 +3
Dex: 14 +2
Con: 11+0
Int: 8 -1
Wis: 11 +0
Cha: 16 +3

HP: 15
AC: 16 (or 17) [+2 (+3) dex, +4 lamellar leather]
BAB: +1

Deity: Torag
SQ: orc ferocity, darkvision, deed-focused aim (1 grit point to add charisma mod to damage), 3 grit points
Traits: Defensive strategist (never flat-footed), something to get knowledge (religion)

Feats: Rapid reload-musket

Melee: Warhammer (from musket) 1d8+4 (+6), +4 (+5) to hit, x3 crit
Ranged: Musket (with warhammer) 1d12, +3 (+4) to hit touch AC, x4 crit, 30 ft range
Pistol (in spring-loaded wrist sheath) 1d8, +3 (+4) to hit touch AC, 20 ft range

3rd level Fighter-21 HP, +2 BAB, feats-point-blank shot and bloody vengeance
4th level Fighter-+1 con (+4 HP), 31 HP, +3 BAB, feat-weapon focus: warhammer
5th level Fighter-38 HP, +4 BAB, feat-precise shot
6th level-Fighter-45 HP, +5 BAB, feat-deadly aim
7th level-Fighter-52 HP, +6 BAB, weapon training 1 (+1 to attack and damage with warhammer), feat-deific obedience (+1 to attack with warhammer)

EDIT: HP is done without factoring an extra hit point per level rather than the class skill or skill point, but that's definitely an option.

I don't think that anything larger than a deringer can be put in a spring loaded wrist sheath.

Not sure how you will be able to afford the Gun at lvl 2, the Musket Hammer is 1600 and the Pistol is another 1k if you plan on upgrading it. Not sure about GM credits though, maybe you get a ton of cash. Also an issue with the wrist sheath, they only hold 1 lb, a pistol is 4 lbs. But by lvl 7 you might be able to afford some form of storing item, or just get Quickdraw in the mix. And a musket with rapid reload and paper cartridge is a move action to load....vs musket master that gets down to a free action at lvl 3 Gunslinger for the same gear. Granted that's three levels of Gunslinger and you only want a dip. Just not sure you will like 1 shot a round for his career.

I like the concept. Have fun with him.

I don't see PCs dropping very often in PFS so you should definetly reconsider Bloody vengance.

So does the mysterious stranger ability allow you to add your charisma to damage when you are attacjing with the warhammer aspect of the musket?

Ah, so the wrist sheath idea is unfortunately flawed. Ah well, it can still be holstered at the hip.
In terms of expense, I GM'd one of the 3 initial adventures up, so she gets the higher gold from it. That's making the warhammer musket feasible.
I actually have a musket master character (who is actually this character's father), but I want this one to be a mysterious stranger for two reasons. One, it adds more variety by playing a different archetype. And two, it replaces wisdom with charisma for the grit and grit-related things, so I can party face with her. It also has the nifty focused aim deed which lets me add my charisma modifier to any gun damage I do. It wouldn't overlap into the warhammer aspect, though, just the gun and only when I spend a grit point for it.
I actually see my fellow PCs drop a reasonable amount in PFS play. Not all the time by any stretch, but enough to make me think this may come in handy. My biggest debate was how early to think about taking bloody vengeance. I like it at 3rd to establish it as part of how the character works and the whole role-play aspect, but I absolutely debated if I need to get weapon focus with the warhammer or precise shot in there earlier. I'm only willing to hold off on precise shot as long as I am because gunslingers target touch AC.

Thanks, everyone, for the constructive feedback and clarifying questions :=)

Sovereign Court

So you have 13 fame then? Firearms are not "always available" even un-enchanted.

Firebug wrote:
So you have 13 fame then? Firearms are not "always available" even un-enchanted.

Read this and then sat here for a moment before a simple thought crossed my mind..."Crap."

Good catch there! I was totally not thinking about the cost of things and the fame requirements as I got caught up in the details of how feats and such fit. She'll have 6 fame if I use this character slot, so I guess I'll just have to wait until I feed more GM credits into it and then start her at 3rd level.
Ah well. Totally not a deal breaker.

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