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That's the post I remembered.
I'm still hanging since 2012.

Waay too late I know, but logically (and specifically using the 20,000lb (4 ton = 3x4WD) critter
- It charges someone it really doesn't like and several poor unfortunate (and puny) humans get in the way.

Tricera-moving van attempts to overrun poor humans & The following happens
a) Each human can attempt to get out of the way (DC25) If so - all is good
b) If TriC makes each CMB check for each human that failed to avoid, each gets squished. possibly "proned"
c) If all overruns work, charge target is skewered but NOT trampled.
I.e Powerful charge stops at the target, NOT past the target = No overrun for him/her/it.

This appears to be both logical AND the intent of the rules for critters with TRAMPLE, but NOT characters with the Overrun feat.

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