sundering wizard?


are there any viable builds that deal with a wizard/sorcerer just sundering everything?
I know that break is a spell, but is there anything else that would support this build?

it's called building a melee focused caster and taking the Improved Sunder feat.

What more do you need? Keep in mind this does mean getting in everyone's face with your bod, and you should plan appropriately.

Scarab Sages

Honestly, while I'm sure there are ways to do this... you're better off just being a wizard and doing what wizards normally do. That is to say, end fights.
If you are wanting the mechanical advantages of sundering armor I would suggest going with the Void wizard school.

Are you just wanting to sunder to sunder? Or by wiz/sorc do you just mean caster? Because Magus could be your answer.

Keep in mind that the party might not like to see loot sundered. You could fix items with Make Whole (respective its greater version), but for the magic properties you need enough caster levels.

That said, an adamantine weapon would be good to help sundering - or you use the Heart of the Metal spell.

You might want to look into Knowledge is Power!

Also, consider being an Half-Elf, and picking up Ancestral Arms as an alternate racial trait, for proficiency with the
Piston Maul.

Wizard go smash-smash!

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