Wpn Spec and Splash Weapons.

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If a character took weapon specialization (splash weapons), would the bonus damage apply to the target only, or the target and the splash victims too?
For alchemist bombs the splash does by virtue of the damage being based on the minimum to the target, but for alchemist fire or holy water? It's not so clear to me. (e.g. Point Blank shot FAQ specifically says the damage is only added to the target.)

I'm relatievely certain that all splash weapons do the Min damage to the splash vics.

PBS I think is something slightly different..
Weapon spec (like the throw anything alch thing) is gained fom the ability of using the weapon itself better..

So I personally would say it adds to the splash damage.

but I'm also the person who says it should apply enhancment bonuses when fired from a magic launching crossbow..

The exact RAW of it isn't the most defined of things anymore. It used to be straight forward "its always the minimum of damage to the main target"
Those PBS FAQ makes it less clear these days sadly.
I still think it should apply, because the damage buff is coming from a better aim of te weapon (throwing at the thead and splashing higher vs throwing it at their feet or lower body and less splash on those around)

I think any specific weapon buffs should improve the min damage and therefore improve splash damage.
but ya'kno its hard to judge these days with all the FAQs. I'm willing to bet a far more knowledgable one will pop bby

Nope, regular alchemical splash weapons like acid and alchemist's fire do a defined amount of splash damage, not the minimum. Acid does 1 point of damage to the splashed creatures, the end, it isn't doing 1 because 1 is the minimum roll on 1d6. You can see this is especially clear with holy water (2d4 damage on hit, 1 damage on splash.) It's also, by my reading, not a 'damage roll' which is what Weapon Specialization explicitly refers to.

I could see an argument for a fighter and then alchemist adding on such a bonus for his bombs. But that's a lot of levels you could just get d6s in bombs for to not go that route instead.

Splash damage is not a weapon damage. Not because you're not rolling dice, but because it doesn't happen as the direct consequence of a successful attack roll against the target.

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