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Is there a way to make illusion spells deal damage? I know there's the Shadow spells that are only semi real, like Shadow Evocation. But I mean, for example, is there a way to make an illusion of, say, a dragon, actually be able to hurt an enemy. I think there's a couple feats that are Gnome only that let illusions count towards flanking, and I think the Nightblade 3pp class has some way of making damaging illusions or something similar, but is there any other way?

I've been wanting to design a stealthy character that relies on illusions and such for both offense and defense. I know there are various stealthy classes that can fill this roll like certain bards, Eldritch Scoundrel rogue, and Arcane Trickers, but I like the idea of the character hiding away some place while using illusory soldiers to attack the enemy. I was hoping this is what the Puppet Master Magus archetype would do, use Illusions to deliver its spells and such, but sadly, was not the case.

So, is there a way? Paizo or 3pp material is fine, but Im curious.

Look up the Shadow Spells, the are quasi real.

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I weaponize illusions by using them to hide traps, personally...

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Well - there are Shadow Conjuration spells as well which can kind of do that. Otherwise, no - not directly.

However, just because they can't deal spells directly doesn't mean that they can't deal damage. I've killed foes by making a dungeon bridge to be far wider than it actually was, and with treasure on the illusionary portion. The foe following us didn't even get a save before falling to their death. (GM rolled nearly max falling damage.)

The more dangerous the area of the encounter, the better that you can have illusions help you to indirectly deal damage.

There's the Shadow Gambit feat, that does the trick.

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VRMH wrote:
There's the Shadow Gambit feat, that does the trick.

That's really cool. Powerful? No. Probably not even worth the action economy most of the time. But still cool.

Shadow Gambit is roughly what I'd want to do with the illusions, though I agree with CLH that while its really cool, it may not be worth it. I suppose I could just make do with the Shadow spells like Evocation and Conjuration. Thanks, all, for the responses.

Since you mentioned the nightblade, you should take a look at the illusory strike spell.

Ahh, thank you, Seginus. I had seen that spell before and completely forgotten about it.

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Hide something in the illusion, like a rust monster in an iron golem illusion. :)

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