Let's look at what the fighter actually has going for it now

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:

you're not the boss of me.

TarkXT wrote:

Blind Fight.

Once you hit you can spend two stamina to ignore the concealment completely for a round.

Ok, now THAT I like.

Kobold Cleaver wrote:

Let's make a thread for it?

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pls no

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Soooo...it turns expertise into something useful and accentautes blind fight nicely...except you actually have to hit first?

2 combat feats out of how many?

Seriously, I have problems recalling what a lot of feats do now. Their stamina effects? Not a chance.

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Spring attack as a standard action, whirlwind attack plus bonus attacks (such as from haste) both seem nice,

Combat expertise has a decent one, spending stamina increases your to hit and reduces the penelty from combat expertise.

Improved crit, to do double damage if you are within 3 of a crit.

Most are bad, or help a little with the penalty the feat shouldnt of even had to start with (step up). I think it was because good feats did not need to become better and bad feats are still bad.

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Kirin Style actually kinda works with the stamina system.

Build I found tempting:

Human Fighter || 18 14 14 10 10 10 ||Intimidate, Perception; Climb, Swim, Survival|| Seeker, Indomitable Faith(+1 Will)
1 |Toughness, Intimidating Prowess, Combat Reflexes
2 |Bravery +1, Power Attack
3 |Armor training, Cleave
4 |Great Cleave
5 |Weapon training(Blades, Heavy), Advanced Weapon Training: Versatile Training(Intimidate, Diplomacy)
6 |Bravery +2, Lunge
7 |Armor training, Iron Will
8 |Blind-Fight
9 |Versatile Training(Bluff, Ride), Cut from the Air
10|Bravery +3, Advanced Weapon Training: Armed Bravery
11|Armor training, Smash from the Air
12|Pin down
13|Defensive Weapon Training, Antagonize
14|Bravery +4, Dazing Assault
15|Armor training, Advanced Weapon Training: Weapon Sacrifice
16|Weapon Focus
17|Fighter’s Reflexes, Greater Weapon Focus
18|Bravery +5, Weapon Specialization
19|Armor mastery, Greater Weapon Specialization
20|weapon mastery(GS), Advanced Weapon Training: Weapon Specialist

No the fighter isn't fixed, but I would say things are being improved. I would commend paizo for that. That ofcourse does not mean the endless fighter threads or martial v caster threads should stop (or should continue). These aren't ethical questions. People express their opinion and Paizo decides whether or not they read/listen to it.

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An intimidation build should look into have cornugon smash and hurtful. Not required but really nice.

Got interested based on this thread, and put together a Fighter (unarchetyped) build I think is pretty interesting.


  • 10' reach. Can spend an AoO to stop someone trying to 5' step close to him. Does not have trouble dealing with foes with reach. Can switch from ranged to melee at will (swift action to switch from ranged --> melee, free action from melee --> ranged).
  • ~Equivalent saving throws to a normal Paladin (level 13, 20 Cha, following Bodhi's old guide).
  • Can often act in the surprise round (Perception +24), and can draw his weapon as a free action as part of rolling initiative, which allows him to use AoOs if people try to move through his (decent sized) threatened area.
  • Can attack pretty effectively anywhere within a ~150 ft radius effectively.
  • Combat stamina (15 points) gives the ability to add up to ~+5 to any attack after making your roll, which will add a fair amount of DPR.
  • Can spend an AoO to deflect ranged attack, ranged spell attacks, and massive ranged attacks (boulders, ballista bolts etc) against himself or any adjacent ally.
  • This character would be relatively beefy, and generally pretty hard to ignore because of robust damage output and a large threatened area. Saving throws are high enough to likely make most saves.
  • Between Perception (+24), Survival (+18), Bluff (+14), Intimidate (+14), and Knowledge (Dungeoneering) (+16), there is some out of combat usefulness.

Half-Elf LG Fighter 13 (Milani)
Alternate Racial Trait: Dual Minded
HP 115
AC 35

Melee: +28 1d6+16 (+24 1d6+28 with PA)
Ranged +25 1d6+12 (+21 1d6+20 with DA)
*May add up to +5 to any attack after the attack roll but before the results are revealed (Combat Stamina) for a total of +15 per combat.

Gear Value 137k

Fort +14*
Ref +11*
Will +15*
* + 1 trait bonus against arcane spells
* + 2 untyped vs Enchantments (Elf)

+11 Initiative

30 Speed
+19 CMB
+34 CMD (+38 Disarm or Sunder)

Str 18/22 (+6)
Dex 16 (+3)
Con 16 (+3)
Int 12 (+1)
Wis 10 (0)
Cha 7 (-2)

Stat progression: 4 (con), 8 (str), 12 (str)

Iron Will
Combat Reflexes
Quick Draw
Ricochet Toss
Distance Thrower
Martial Versatility (Weapon Focus [Elven Branched Spear])
Pin Down

Failed Apprentice

Bluff +14
Climb +14
Intimidate +14
Knowledge Dungeoneering +16
Perception +24
Ride +11
Survival +18
Swim +10

Weapon Training
[Spears] +5 (Ex)
Versatile Training (Weapon Training [Spears] - Bluff / Intimidate)
Armed Bravery
Trained Initiative
Defensive Weapon Training
Bravery +4
Armor Training 4

Fighter Bonus Feats
Power Attack
Weapon Focus [Elven Branched Spear]
Deadly Aim
Advanced Weapon Training (5)
Advanced Weapon Training (10)
Cut from the Air
Smash from the Air

+4 Adamantine Elven Branched Spear
+2 Cold Iron Javelin

+3 Full Plate

Magic Items
Amulet of Natural Armor +2
Belt of Physical Might +2 (Dex/Str)
Cloak of Resistance +3
Deadeye Spotter's Ring
Eyes of the Eagle
Gloves of Dueling
Handy Haversack
Ioun stone (clear spindle)
Ring of Protection +2
Sash of the War Champion
Winged Boots
Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier

^That's pretty cool. Wonder if it would be worth trying to squeeze in any Combat Maneuver feats?

One small conceptual quibble: LG + Milani? Seems that should be NG or CG to work right. Or is this in consideration of Milani's special history as one of Aroden's minions?

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