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How long until someone figures out that there's a 'need' for a decent post-apocalyptic setting?

With the Iron Gods 'rules', most of the rules are here. Somone just needs to 'cherry pick' which rules/classes/weapons/etc. to use.

We just need a good setting; you know:
- science fantasy
- mutants
- ancient technology
- cybernetics
- crazy robots
- survival, exploration, colonization themes

Is there anything like that out there that I may have missed for Pathfinder?

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Broken earth is pretty good.

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It sounds you are wanting Thundarr the Barbarian.

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You can also use the existing setting material for Alkenstar, the Mana Wastes, and Numeria. Throw in primal magic (from Inner Sea Magic), possibly by requiring a wizard to take the primalist archetype, and you can have a very different campaign feel.

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All of the suggestions above are certainly good but I urge you to think about the kind of post apocalyptic scenario you want: there are huge differencies between supertechnological world torn asunder by invading alien forces where super technology is rare but present and a world much like our own that underwent an almost fatal nuclear apocalypse sometimes in the past and has regressed back to the stone age.

I myself prefer a middle ground, something like S. King presented in his Dark Tower series, basically cowboys and fantasy mixed. Ruins of the past age are present and refer to a society just a little more advanced than our own.

LMPjr007 wrote:
It sounds you are wanting Thundarr the Barbarian.


Yeah Thundarr would be great but a gritty Gamma World (2nd edition) would be nice as well.

And yes, we have all the rules but it would be nice to have setting and few adventures )Adventure Path) that go along with it would be great.

What ever happened to Warlords of the Apocalypse (or something like that)?

Fabian Benavente wrote:
What ever happened to Warlords of the Apocalypse (or something like that)?

I think it may have become this: End of Man?

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No. He means Warlords of the Apocalypse as can be read about in the thread. Progress by Owen is slow as he's got his fingers in a lot of pies. I don't mean that in any kind of condescending manner either. The guy is seriously busy near as I can tell. Not sure when or even if it will see the light of day.

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Monte Cook's Numenera is somewhat along these lines, but a completely different system, not a setting for Pathfinder.

Well there's always Broken Earth. If you use it with Psionics, Anachronistic Adventures and The Technology Guide it works out for what you're describing.

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There is also Thunderscape: The World of Aden. You got Advanced Steamtech in a world ravaged by a supernatural apocalypse called the "Darkfall". You've got examples of pretty much all those things in the setting.

Mutants: The Fallen / Corrupted, people who have been transformed by the powers of the Darkfall, bearing hideous stigmas that grant them powerful dark gifts but also constantly wrack them with suffering. This comes in a lot of variety for instance:

The Befouled: They are walking plague carriers, riddled with horrible diseases of different forms. They generate unnatural poison and disease and can spread them to others.

The Behemoth: A hideous mutant with rippling muscles and twisted blackened veins. They are constantly driven to hatred and violence.

The Horror: Walking embodiment of corruption and horror. They have innumerable disfigurements but all of them provoke fear in those that see them.

The Incinerator: Burned husks that can channel eldritch fire within their bodies to burn the world.

Madcap: Fallen twisted with madness and insanity, their features are those of madmen and fools and they gain sick amusement on the most menial of things.

Apperation: A person who is half way into the grave. Part living, part incorporeal, they bear aspects of ghosts and the dead and seek to bring suffering to those who truly live.

Cataclysm: Walking embodiments of destruction. Terrible mutants with destructive energies burning within their bodies looking to be unleashed upon the world.

Drake: Twisted into Draconic forms by arcane energies, they are combinations of man and beast and bear the might of dragons in their veins.

Drowened: Appear as people who are constantly waterlogged, dripping foul liquid from their veins and seeking to smother people in their suffocating embrace.

Midnight: Creatures who bear the taint of darkness within them. They look normal on the outside but their shadow shows the corruption of their soul and moves of its own accord into nightmarish forms.

Rimeweaver: Tained by unholy cold, these people suck heat from the world and leave only chilling frost in their wake.

Sanguine: Covered with numerous wounds weeping with blood, a constant look of suffering and torture, they seek to spread their wounds upon those that provoke their ire.

Scrapheap: Walking combinations of man, machine and metal, they are hideous monstrosities, a reminder of the corruption of technology and the tools of man.

Stormwracked: Bearing the marks of the storm, they strike like a raging gale and unleash lightning with untempered fury.

Withered: Hideous crones ravaged by time, they represent the horror of the passage of time and the entropy ages bring.

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Science Fantasy: Advanced technologies such as steam and/or magical powered vehicles, factories and the like. Some nations embrace these wholeheartedly while others forsake them for the more natural arts of Wizardry and Druidism. Magic and science existed side by side for centuries before the discovery of manite allowed the true fusion of such elements.

Cybernetics: Through the use of a mineral called "Manite" as well as Arcane Magic, people can be augmented with implants giving them powerful advancements. Unfortunately, they have a lot of side effects. Having manite in your body significantly shortens your lifespan as the implants feed on your life force for power. The the more severe form of this this are the Golemoids, who bear huge amounts of augmentations. They have great power but it comes at a price. In addition, the risk of becoming a Wasted is a frightening possibility.

Ancient Technology: There are numerous ruins of forgotten ages that litter the world, some contain artefacts of magical power of times long forgotten and not seen in the age of Thunder.

Crazy Robots: The first example of this is the Wasted. Golemoids who have been raised from the dead as some kind of Cyber-Zombie by their implants. They become berserk monstrosities who use their own unlife as a power source for their implants, giving them significant power for their internal devices. Golems also can become corrupted by the darkfall, some become sentient and develop their own personalities.

Survival, Exploration and colonization: The Darkfall wiped out a good deal of the world's civilization. Many nations were nearly wiped out by unnatural disasters and the Nocturnals. Exploration is prevalent as there was much lost in the age of the Darkfall and much can be recovered, including those from the ancient ruins of the past. Colonization, rebuilding society from the world being ravaged by the darkfall.

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What we really need is James Jacobs' Unspeakable Futures. :) But that is a long way off, if ever.

simon hacker wrote:
Broken earth is pretty good.

I was gonna mention Broken Earth as well.

Numenera is a good setting/system, but it's not 'post-apoc' and not too many people play it.

I know about Thunderscape (I was a backer) and while it is very good, it doesn't have the 'post-apoc feel' that I'm looking for (there's too much magic to start out with).

Broken Earth seems pretty decent. It's 'Big War' is roughly 20 years in the future and 80 since the 'Big War. I like my 'society' to be a little more advanced than this but that is easily fixed.

There's also Darwin's World for the D20 system, easily convertible, as well as Gamma World.

And like other people have suggested, we can make our own post-apoc with all the rules out there, provided you have the time.

However, it's not easy to get other people interested in a 'dead' or 'little supported' system/setting.

I think whoever comes up with a 'major' post-apoc setting for PF will get people very interested. Maybe a Kickstarter is the way to go; I don't know but someone is considering this, right?.

Here's hoping for something soon...

Game on!

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