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I am looking at making a Fated Champion Skald for RotRL. I am thinking about a Dex build and opening with a ranged attack. I would use the Feat Opening Volley. That will give me a 2 rounds before using the Raging Song, which shuts down my parties spellcasters if I go on a high initiative. I almost certainly want to play the Fated Champion. I am looking for a race, maybe spells and rage powers. Any ideas, suggestions, or input would be welcome.

Why would you shut down your party spellcasters? Are you attacking them or something?

If you are referring to your skald raging song, it doesn't work the way you think it does...

Raging Song wrote:
If a raging song affects allies, when the skald begins a raging song and at the start of each ally's turn in which they can hear the raging song, the skald's allies must decide whether to accept or refuse its effects. This is not an action. Unconscious allies automatically accept the song. If accepted, the raging song's effects last for that ally's turn or until the song ends, whichever comes first.

That's what I thought. I know if you accept it that you can't cast spells because that requires concentration.

Your Wizard won't care because they don't want your song anyways. The problem with Raging Song is that it doesn't play well with classes that like to attack and cast in the same turn, like the Warpriest or Magus. If one of those classes is your team's damage dealer your primary class feature is going to be basically useless. Ditto if it's a Barbarian or a dex build... Speaking of which, why do you want to go dex-based? You wouldn't be getting any benefit from your own song.

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I know you said fated champion, but if you're going dex based and want to be more caster friendly, take a look at spell warrior skald. Or ask your GM if you can do unchained rage bonuses instead of str/con rage. Skald really wants to be strength based by default.

Lesser spirit totem is your standard first rage power. The next one depends on your group. Lesser celestial bloodline is good, raging dirty trick is fun if your group can use it well, and guarded life saves lives. I grabbed unexpected strike at 9th, it's pretty easy to rage cycle for the group occasionally, those free opportunity attacks can add up quick.

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