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Hey I would like to make a character based on an Eldrazi Displacer from Magic the Gathering. Any ideas? I am thinking the fetchling race with Gloom Shimmer alternate racial trait. If you have any ideas let me know.

Anyone interested?

I am looking to join or start a group in the Durant-Dennison area.
Any interest

Are there any groups or places to play Pathfinder near Guymon, OK?
I am willing to GM some also.

That's what I thought. I know if you accept it that you can't cast spells because that requires concentration.

I am looking at making a Fated Champion Skald for RotRL. I am thinking about a Dex build and opening with a ranged attack. I would use the Feat Opening Volley. That will give me a 2 rounds before using the Raging Song, which shuts down my parties spellcasters if I go on a high initiative. I almost certainly want to play the Fated Champion. I am looking for a race, maybe spells and rage powers. Any ideas, suggestions, or input would be welcome.

I am in the process of making a Huntmaster Cavalier with the Order of the Hammer. I plan on also taking 1 level in Monk.
I look at several options I have since I will go up in the Shield Slam/Master feats tree. Adding Dragon Style feat also.
1. Charge, shield bash and then free bull rush.
2. full attack with unarmed strike then free grapple
3.charge and just attack

As a Huntmaster my dog can make a free trip attack with a successful melee attack.
I have Dragon Style, so I ignore difficult terrain and allies on a charge.
I deal extra damage if I do nonlethal.
And I have Chokehold and Step up as bonus feats.