Lamashtu, cults, and freaky abberant dungeons

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So in my campaign there are things called Mystery Dungeons. These are basically gigantic aberrations that appear in one certain country as either sinkholes or towers that spawn hostile aberrations, aberrant clones of almost any creature type, and tempting treasure that is cursed more often than not. There's also a huge part of land that's twisted to all hell and everyone's assuming the source of the problem is in there.

Just in case my players are snooping around here.:
Now you might be wondering what's Lamashtu got to do with all this? Well, I'm wondering what she and her cult think about this mess. Given how grotesque some of this stuff is (the "heart" of the dungeon made a Paladin of Shelyn cringe) it's easy to immediately point the finger of blame at her and her cult...but some things might tip off people that it might not be her. First of all demons haven't exactly been spotted down there all too often. Sure there's an aberrant copy here and there but they're no more common than any other copy. The other part is the eldragon spawn.

Eldragon spawn guard the vulnerable heart and can be of any class...except cleric. Antipaladins and Inquisitors have been spotted, sure, but they've never carried a holy symbol with them. It's not like the dungeons can't make symbols either, and why would Lamashtu of all gods hide her symbol?

TL:DR Is the lack of a holy symbol and demons gonna turn Lamashtans away from these dungeons, or are they going to join in creating havoc for civilized people?

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Lamashtu doesn't have to be behind it just because it aligns with her areas of interest, but it does sound like something her followers would want to claim or help in her name. I'd add to the challenge of one of these dungeons by having a rival group of Lamashtan adventurers racing the players to the heart.

It's interesting, but these things sound much much more like something Shub-Niggurath birthed out that happened to appear. And Lamashtu, divine or not, doesn't tangle with the Outer Gods, she doesn't have the power and she's not stupid enough to be suicidal.

That doesn't mean her followers aren't stupid enough to avoid them of course heh. They're pretty dang crazy.

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