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I have a question regarding sizes and creatures when using this spell (or any polymorph type spell). For example, Monstrous Physique II, can I only polymorph into creatures whose normal size category is large, or can I choose to be a large Gargoyle whose size is normally medium and adding the bonuses listed under MP II for being large?

And vise versa, if I cast MP I, can I choose to become a medium creature from a creature whose size is normally large but only adding the bonuses for being medium?

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You can't choose to be a size other than the size of the creature.

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Thanks James.

A follow up question, MP II and above allow for the "trip" ability if the creature has one. If the creature has an ability that allows him to trip but it is not called "trip" does he still get it?

For example, a Buggane from Bestiary 4 has an ability called "Smash and Bash".

Smash and Bash - "As a free action, a buggane can attempt to trip an opponent it damages with its rend (MP IV required) attack without provoking an attack of opportunity..."

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As written no, feel free to ask your gm.

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Having trip in an ability doesn't make it a trip ability.

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