The First World



My players are about to head into Fey and I want your tips and tricks!

What odd twists do you give the world to help players remember they are not in Kansas any more?

Do the laws of light, sound, or physics change?

What color schemes do you choose?

Please give me anything and everything you would use, have used, are using, or would ever consider using for a jaunt to the Veil of the Faeries.

Ty in advance!

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When your players travel somewhere with deliberate intent, have the world either open up and shift to accommodate them. If they travel mindlessly or without intent, have them literally not get any closer to their destination. If a strong-willed someone wants to keep them away, hinder their most direct paths and twist in other directions, perhaps through measured use of druid spell-like effects. Have scenery "unfold" in front of them, literally becoming more detailed the more they look. Faerie Fire and dancing lights should be a common occurrence. Actually, just any sort of wandering motes of light would be cool. Perhaps if the world seems to blur in spots where they're not paying attention, and change. Alternate between supernatural clarity and haze.

Oh, and look here.

Have every PC perceive the area differently, and they need to combine their perceptions- working out what is 'real' and what is metaphor and what is illusion- to progress.

Since fey are not supposed to die in the first world I give them all regeneration that is stopped by cold iron. Since they don’t die they forget that normal creatures can die. This means they tend to go all out and don’t look at losing a fight the same way.

The colors are brighter and stronger. Think of the early color movies where they went for bright loud colors instead of going realistic. Watch the Wizard of Oz for an example.

Fey can die in the first world, it is just that they get reborn and depending on there will power wether they come back as what they were or something else. Also it could take years for them to come back to life.

The Kingmaker adventure path has an article on the First World in the last installment 'Sound of a Thousand Suns'.

If you have access to a white wolf changeling book you can get a butt ton of ideas for how the fey world could look.


Thanks everyone!

Any more is appreciated.

Also, anyone have any notable stories, npcs, creatures, or behavior patterns that worked well for them?

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