best wand apell for a bard familiar


Hey all.

I am looking for a great wand spell to deal damage by my familiar. I am more focused on weapon like spells or rays, since they can take full advantage of based buffs.

One thought was to try spiritual weapon. Although it would be attacking AC, it could squeeze out quite a few attacks in 3 rounds and deals force damage.

Any other ideas that might work out better?

Acid arrow is good for a blast spell wand.
Enervation is just good period even without buffs.

I like wands that do things other than damage. Dealing damage is easy, anyone can do it. It's stuff like Litany of Sloth or Ill Omen that makes for good standard actions. Well, and Haste. Or Faerie Fire. Utility stuff that makes bad guys cry.

magic missile

I think the most effective thing is having your familiar either cast buff spells on you, or using him to cast no save debuff spells on others/in the area. Such as obscuring mist.

Basically think of it this way, what would you do if you had an extra turn to cast each round? Get your familiar to do that for you. Damage isn't necessarily the best use, since most damage spells have saves to reduce damage, or require actually hitting the enemy. Not to mention the damage will stink because the caster level will be low, unless you pay a lot of money for higher caster level wands.

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