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My worst was playing a malefactor, in an undead infested ruin. Most of my maledictions were will based needless to say all the undead just ignored them. The best I could do is get in close so my aura would lower their saves and let the blasters take over.

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7th lvl sword and board dwarf fighter in 3.5. I liked the character but wow, was that unplayable.
Why? Just bad stats? Dwarf was probably the most potent race in 3.5, and PA was such that two-handed didn't benefit as much. (Usable with two-handed, but still only situational.)

Sorry, forgot about this post.

It was a combination of bad stats, low system mastery and GM that didn't know how to balance things.

I was a straight fighter, PA, Imp. Sunder, W.focus&W.Spec(waraxe), Combat Brute. Don't remember the others now. Others were barbarian/rogue (drug dealer), an enchantment/necromancy based wizard and a pixie rogue (constatly flying and invisible). The campaign was some underground city filled with outsiders and magical creatures. And large creatures. with grapple and stuff. I wanted to sunder, nothing to sunder mostly, i wanted to craft, no time for that. I had no other skills or things to do. Roleplaying did manage to replace some Diplomacy and other social skills but certainly could keep up with the rogue and the wizard.

My Cleric back in 3.5e D&D turned out pretty underwhelming, especially when I tried to recreate her in 4th edition.

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My monk had absolutely no attack bonus

He sucked so much

I could not even get through a armor class of 11

He later died punching a tree. He rolled a nat 1 when he had 1 hitpoint and he killed himself. I was trying to make a shelter out of wood.

A nagaji undead lord with high charisma and high dex... It was one of my first characters so I'm not to salty about it.

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While I can't think of any bad builds, I always seem to have the wrong character for the campaign.

Back in 3.0 I played a red avenger monk, which was probably the prestige class that taught Pathfinder designers to never put multipliers in class abilities again. So needless to say, this guy was a melee bad-ass with insane movement, huge damage, and an untouchable AC. Unfortunately, this was one of those LotR style long journey campaigns... one fight every two sessions or so, lots of overland travel and downtime. Talking, politics, drama. Argh.

So we get ready for our next game and I'm like, "I got this." Rolled up an item creation, utility spell wizard with social skills. Time to get my teleport on, baby! Let's use that downtime to make some sweet items for the whole party! Bring on the courtly intrigue! And... here we go into the "endless dungeon of no resting allowed." I was out of spells halfway through the first game session and we weren't allowed to rest (constant monster ambushes when we tried) for the next dozen or so game sessions. Argh.

Years later, I join a game at the local gaming store. "What's that, you guys need an arcane caster?" Here we go, time to bust out the uber-charisma sorcerer I've been tinkering with. Tons of arcane spells, mind control, and enough social aptitude to be the party face. Woo... right? Nope, off to the "endless dungeon of antimagic zones and magic-proof golems!" Hope you brought your crossbow, Mr. Sorcerer. Oh, wait, golems are basically immune to those, too. Argh.

Moral of the story: Don't believe the DM when he says his game is going to have something for everyone. Press the issue until he admits his preference for hack-n-slash, heavy role-playing, published modules, high humor, low magic, or whatever his particular style is.

I was playing in an Evil campaign with a female drow sorceress. She and her bugbear companion were traveling through the woods on day 1 and were attacks by a Murder squad of good forest folk..we were ambushed. I lost initiative and was critted in the chest by a charging unicorn's horn..Dead on Impact.
I never cast a single spell, or made a single attack in play. She was 3rd level...character creation took longer than her entire lifespan in game.
I objected ofcourse...that the "Good guys' wouldn't have done that...but to no avail.

Mine was a barbarian/ bard multiclass for a 3.0 game of roll-playing. I had assumed that it would be roleplay heavy but had later to find out that the GM thought D&D not worthy of roleplaying.

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