Miraculous Ladybug


This one is a French/Japanese/Korean animated show that will air sometime this year(possibly September) on Nick.


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Apparently, there's an anime too. Honestly though, I'm missing the J-pop.

Actually they were going to do the 2D version but decided on 3D. If the 3D one does well they will do the 2D one online.

I really do hope that series is good and does well, because I would really like to get an actual good animated series right now on TV.

I liked the previous version. Had more cute to it

plus evil Mime

I wish there was more info for this one. There are lot side characters shown but not much if any info about them... yet.

I heard there is a rival for Ladybug that has a bee themed costume. I wonder if all the heroes in this series have animal themed costumes.

The show aired in Korea, next month it supposed to be the many other countries including the US. I have watched it online and enjoyed it even though I do not understand the Korean language.

Has anyone been watching this one?

So nobody but me has been watching this series.

Is it based on a superhero comic?

No, it is not based on a comic, though if it gets enough popularity it might get one.

It looks like the series has been renewed for a 2nd and 3rd season.

It also looks like the second season will have more story arcs.

I watched the two first episodes but it struck me as....breathless would be the best adjective.
People didn't seem to take a breath or a beat between saying things. Now it's not that I can't stomach fast-paced stuff and machingun-mouth (I love Excel saga and Puni Puni Poemy) but this show just left me wishing they'd slow down a bit. Other than that it seemed OK.

Have you seen the two parter origin episode?

I like watching the series in French. The dub isn't bad but the dialog feels dumbed. I don't know if it is because they want to fit the mouth animations or because it is on Nick.

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Wish they didn't do the CGI and did regular animation for it.

The CGI is beautiful and I wasn't Impressed with anime style they were using. Besides it's getting a anime OAV and if it gets more popular a live action movie.

Season 2 will start sometime next year.

New powers
New characters
New villains
Christmas episode
Shanghai episode

They also say that season 3 will start next year as well. But that hasn't been confirmed.

Thought you might be lonely in this thread, so... ;)

I've seen a few episodes & have enjoyed them. However, when they are screened is rather irregular (at best) where I'm currently living.

A pity, really. The show seems fun!

I think I might prefer to watch them in their original language (French) - not that the English voice acting is bad. I just feel that there are some... nuances that have been lost in translation.


Carry on!


I agree with you on liking the French language version more, some things are lost in translation plus some of the dialog is dumbed down to fit the mouth movements of characters or because it is on Nick.

We will be seeing merchandise for the show by July or August.

The 2nd season starts in May 2017.

The Christmas special is supposed to start later this year.

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Alya will get the fox miraculous.

Chloe will get the bee miraculous.

The fox kwami is called Trixx.

The peacock kwami is called Duusu

New villains Style Queen and the Collector.

Peacock miraculous holder shown but no name given.

Other info

We will find out about Adrian's mother in the Christmas special.

We will find out about Chloe's mother(possibly in the Christmas special).

The Christmas special will have singing.

There will be webisodes(I think around 70).

There will be episodes that focus on Kwami.

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Where can I watch this show?

It comes on Nickelodeon on Saturdays at 8:30AM eastern time. I believe it is also shown on Nicktoons. You can find it on youtube as well.

Also looks like season 3 will start later next year as well.

The series is now on Netflix in the US.

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