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Do we have to? Seriously not at peak form at the moment - unless we're chasing rainbows!


Fail to see how one's education has to do with anything - unless this is some sort of stealth interview...


Not interested & does it matter? (Unless we're talking grammar...)


By what standard? European? Japanese? American? Chinese? Australian? Kids? Ladies? Mens?


Changes from day to day depending on how I feel, how much sleep I had, the weather, the first color I see, etc. (& there are too many un-birthdays to list here).

Special Abilities

Skill: I like to think I can do things with my mind (& body - when sufficiently motivated!). Power: See both sides (good & bad) of an argument (good or bad) - usually... Trait: Possible Polyglot? Feat: Facetious Charm?


Some hue of NG? (Can see the benefits of working together for the betterment of all, but not at the expense of one's individual worth; & as long as all are treated with respect/ consideration/ fairness/ kindness - & no harm's done - I'm easy)


The Many-Faced Benevolent One(s) - who can say which Face is the correct one.


Japan/ Korea/ China/ South Africa/ Botswana/ Mozambique/ Lesotho/ Canada/ New Zealand/ Italy/ UK/ Ireland/ Portugal - pick one.


English, Japanese, Afrikaans, Portuguese (mainly Continental, but also some Mozambican, Macanese & Brazilian), with a general understanding (or working on it!) of Italian, Catalan, Galician, Dutch, German, Korean, Zulu, Tswana, Pedi [=N. Sotho]


Education. International/Intercultural Relations. Writing/Editing.

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Not allowed to talk to strangers or when Stranger Things is on.