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Do we have to? Seriously not at peak form at the moment - unless we're chasing rainbows!


Fail to see how one's education has to do with anything - unless this is some sort of stealth interview...


Not interested. Also, does it matter (except for when the inner self doesn't match the meat suit)? However, it might matter if we're talking grammar...


By what standard? European? Japanese? American? Chinese? Australian? Kids? Ladies? Mens?


Changes from day to day depending on how I feel, how much sleep I had, the weather, the first color I see, etc. (& there are too many un-birthdays to list here).

Special Abilities

Skill: I like to think I can do things with my mind (& body - when sufficiently motivated!). Power: See both sides (good & bad) of an argument (good or bad) - usually... Trait: Possible Polyglot? Feat: Facetious Charm?


Some hue of NG? (Can see the benefits of working together for the betterment of all, but not at the expense of one's individual worth; & as long as all are treated with respect/ consideration/ fairness/ kindness - & no harm's done - I'm easy)


The Many-Faced Benevolent One(s) - who truly knows which Face is the correct one.


Japan/ Korea/ China/ South Africa/ Botswana/ Mozambique/ Lesotho/ Canada/ New Zealand/ Italy/ UK/ Ireland/ Portugal - pick one.


English, Japanese, Afrikaans, Portuguese (mainly Continental, but also some Mozambican, Macanese & Brazilian), isiZulu, with a good understanding (or working on it!) of Italian, French, Catalan, Galician, Dutch, German, Korean, Maori, Tswana, Pedi


Education. International/Intercultural Relations. Writing/Editing.

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Not allowed to disclose to strangers - or when Stranger Things is on.