Need a plane for adventure!


Ok, so my players are on the trail of a mythic power source to become semi-divine beings so they can take on a god. The only one who knows where this source is is a fallen Astral Deva imprisoned in a demonic prison. The prison, its guards, etc are already designed and ready to go.

What I don't have and seem kind of important: where to send them?

I want it to be a strange and wondrous plane they aren't used to and I want there to be an adventure while they're there to get to it. Mechanus sounds fun, but having a hard time coming up with an adventure or challenge. Other planes more apt for adventure have occurred to me (the abyss, Sigil, etc) but meh, feels kind of blah.

Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks everyone!

Pharasma's Boneyard maybe?

Who imprisoned the Deva? Why? Where would they put them and why?

You can also consider another planet as opposed to a plane. Are you familiar with Aucturn?

Sovereign Court

Plane of a Rakshasa Rajadhirajas (CR 21+ Rakshasha with special powers representing a theme), you can make the rajadhirajas a collector, having his own harem , including the astral deva.

Seconding the other planet idea. It could be a real mix up from the themed planes, give you a little more diversity and flexibility in the encounters.

I haven't cracked open Distant Worlds in awhile and don't remember all the particulars of each, but they're a nice alternative to the relative redundancy inherent in planes.

Add in the alien cultures found on each planet to the diverse/interesting creature lists and you have infinitely less predictable possibilities for an adventure. It's no longer "Ah, demons. Yes, demons doing demon things. Here's another demon. What's next! Spoiler: Another demon."

I'm not saying you can't make politics in Hell or the Abyss interesting, but those planes are monochrome compared to the planets.

Another world... hmmm...

Also digging the Rakshasa Plane, they even have a nemesis that pops up now and then thats a Mythic Rakshasa.

Brother Fen - The story behind the imprisoned Deva:

In an eon past, the God of Justice and the God of Undeath (Orcus, I like him) had a contest. Each chose champions and the God of Justice chose his Astral Deva, who was a legendary champion of good. Moments before the contest was to begin, the Deva found out that the God of Justice had been duped and if he wins the contest, it would unleash a plague upon the world. He had no time to tell his lord or any other of the assembled Gods, so the Deva what was the most right, he went out and lost on purpose.

The God of Justice was embarrassed and furious with his Deva, interpreting the loss as a violation of his oath to do as his lord commands, so rather than ask why he threw the contest, he ripped the Deva's wings off, effectively casting him down. Orcus was due a boon for winning the contest, so he announced that his prize would be the Deva. The God of Justice, now realizing his mistake, could not protect or deny Orcus since he just cast him out.

Orcus created a demi-plane prison to torment the Deva. Maybe he was indulging his sadistic side. Maybe he has plans for the champion of good but must break him first, maybe both. Whatever the reason, he is the only one who knows where the Waters of Eternity end. Thus, they must find him and convince him that their ends are just.

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