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Greetings Paizo Board,

As of late, my party has finally completed Dragon's Demand which was an awesome achievement for them. A party of 6 managed to best the final encounter and are now hungry for more adventure. Surprisingly, I had suggested a dragon slaying campaign dealing with the repercussions of their actions but they wanted something different. It appears that the party is interested in the Dark Tapestry and would like an adventure related to that.

Since they're level 7, I can't think of any other published adventures relating to the Dark Tapestry / Dominion of the Black except for Carrion Hill (level 4) and Book 4 of Carrion Crown (Wake of Watchers)...which brings me here.

Paizo board, can you recommend something to satiate my group's interest in the strange and alien realm that is the Dark Tapestry?

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Feasting at Lanterngeist is the Legendary Games plugin for Carrion Crown to run right before Wake of the Watcher. I have it but have not run it yet, but I've run others and their plugins are very well done. From the reviews it is designed as a transition to the more Lovecraft-inspired horror of Wake of the Watcher.

They have a plugin for the first adventure, The Murmuring Fountain which, while it may be too low level, might feature an introduction to the Night Heralds, as it contains

an Embryonic Neh-Thalggu living inside someone's brain, and the Night Heralds actually seek to end their life with their brains consumed by Neh-Thalggus, so they are a little different than the Old Cults. I started a campaign with this and having the small embryonic neh-thalggu used to take over politicians ala ST:TNG's "Conspiracy" set of episodes with bugs in Star Fleet heads

Dungeon #60 has IASC, a lvl 3-4 adventure in a Scottish-highlands type area that features

Skum as the enemy, which can be used to tie in with the Old Cults nicely as well as Wake of the Watcher, if you want to use them as a repeating enemy.

Those are some that I plan on putting in my current campaign that is horror inspired, not exactly using Dark Tapestry but close, in addition to the two modules you listed.

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The 4th installment of Iron Gods is perhaps the MOST we've done with the Dominion of the Black, but we also did a little with Doom Comes to Dustpawn. There are Dark Tapestry/Dominion elements spread throughout the AP, though.

Feast of Ravenmoor is a little low level, but it does feature some Dark Tapestry-esque elements.

And the 5th part of Shattered Star has a fair amount of Lovecraft in it.

Thank you Berti Blackfoot and James Jacobs for your suggestions!

The Pact Stone Pyramid - a level 8 module, I think - has a bit of stuff related to the Dominion of the Black. If you're looking to bring them further into your adventure, this module offers an excellent hook for you to expand on.

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Hey! You're in luck. I did this exact thing with my group.

I started off with Dragon's Demand as you did, then:

Next Steps:

#2 Realm of the Fellknight Queen (7-9)
#3 Doom Comes to Dustpawn (9-10)
#4 Curse of the Riven Sky (10-12)
#5 Academy of Secrets (12-14)
#6 Tomb of the Iron Medusa (14-15)
#7 The Moonscar (16+)

The campaign fell apart halfway through #3 because I was studying for the CPA exam, but the group actually really wants to pick up where we left off.

Pull your players into #2 by changing the wedding to a celebration for Azmur and Rima's new baby.

Change the fluff a little for #2, describe everything as shadowy instead of woodsy, and place a threatening BBG in the mirror at the end with a glimpse of the falling star hitting Golarion to show the PCs where to go for #3.

After that, read the next adventure before the previous one is done and try to connect them as logically as possible. Dropping a message into the final bad guys possessions from his boss is a time-honored plot hook.

Whatever you do, FLUFF IS KING!

Adventure set on the wide open plains of the steppe? Change the grass to oily black tentacles.
Enemies are goblins? Now they have creepy black soulless eyes from looking into the void.
Trying to recover a giant diamond? It's now a statue made of a dark ebony material that only when the PCs are holding it do they realize it is made from petrified flesh of a creature they can't identify.

Good Luck and remember - be creepy!

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I just found out about this adventure:
J3 Crucible of Chaos (for 8th level)

Contains one of the old flying cities of the Shory, and the background mentions the whole city of people merged into a massive shoggoth. And it's all creepy and weird. I haven't read through it yet but sounds like it will fit!

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And I just found this thread, which has a long list of adventures that feature elements of Lovecraft. Just adding it here to keep things in one place, (or a few places)

Mythos-flavored Modules / Adventure Paths ? thread

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