Starting Kingmaker, need advice on a little "caster"


Hi buddies, here again asking for an advice on what to play.
I'm starting Kingmaker's AP, 1° level, could use everything is Paizo publishing to create my char.

The Party:
- Ranged Ranger/Thief
- Ranger
- Melee Fighter (Maybe Aldori)
- ME :P

I was thinking of a little race (as always, i love small char), maybe a necromancer? Will it fit? Which classes should i consider to make something useful?
Thanks in advance for your patience!

In our KM campaign, we enacted special legislation for the people's protection, following the sale of an item unknown to be cursed that resulted in near-fatal injuries to a taxpayer and costly legal proceedings. A list of all registered necromancer was created and made public record, with unregistered necromancers subject to punishment up to and including death.

Coming off of a 3+ year KM campaign, I played a pure Druid and loved it. The outdoors nature of KM is very forgiving when I comes to running around as huge elementals or animals. I also took a lot of magic item creation feats because time is never an issue.

But you already have two rangers so you might have that outdoor thing covered.

Also, if you ever wanted to play a mounted character, this is the campaign to do so.

But one thing to consider - try to avoid dumping charisma. A well run KM campaign will have enough npc interaction to keep the whole party busy and not just the "face".

Necromancer should be fine if the rest of the party is OK with it. Kingmaker has plenty of stuff for everyone to do, but some necromancers' activities are mightily unpopular with people for some reason. ;)

Note that the campaign is wide option for a lot of options depending on how you want to do things, so I agree with not dumping CHA. Try and make sure you can do other things than just be a caster in a tactical dungeon-crawling squad.

Ok thanks for thinking of a summoner then...will fit?

Summoners fit, subject to the two usual qualifications: run it by the GM for double-checking with eidolon builds, and don't be a scene hog with your summons.

I will second Druid as being very fun in a KM campaign.

If you want to maximize your kingdom, someone with a high Charisma to act not just as party face, but also party leader (and potential king/queen) is highly recommended. For full casters, this puts Sorcerer and Oracle right at the top of the list.

Oracle of Battle is probably one of the most versatile character builds possible. A spell or two and you're ready for front line duty. You get battlefield control spells (fog cloud and wall of fire are both very useful spells). You still get a few ranged blasting spells which are not great but still decent and useful. Plus, you get Perception and all social skills as class skills. It's also nice because fights are outdoors and if a baddie really wants to avoid the fighter and go straight for you, they often can.

Of course nearly any mystery could be good though.

One thing that is a hit on Oracle/Sorcerer is that a lot of times you'll have 1 or 2 encounters per day, especially while exploring. You never run out of spells, but your larger number of spell slots doesn't come into play as often as a the wider selection of spells a wizard/cleric would have. Though you can pretty much burn through your highest level slots constantly without too much fear.

In our game, I played a druid. I relied on mobility to stay out of melee, using flying creatures and earth elemental form to stay out of reach. We had a large party (usually 6-7 players, sometimes as high as 9) and I still got attacked in melee quite often.

Sure tonyz, i'm no mean to be "the beast", i just like how summoner come in help for definite a char with roleplay!

Thanks for advices!

I am running a Kingmaker campaign and can tell you also that a party face is very important in this AP. Good diplomacy and social interaction is highly useful. Your group is missing that unless one of the melee types upped these skills for some reason.

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