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Sure tonyz, i'm no mean to be "the beast", i just like how summoner come in help for definite a char with roleplay!

Thanks for advices!

Ok thanks for advice...am thinking of a summoner then...will fit?

Hi buddies, here again asking for an advice on what to play.
I'm starting Kingmaker's AP, 1° level, could use everything is Paizo publishing to create my char.

The Party:
- Ranged Ranger/Thief
- Ranger
- Melee Fighter (Maybe Aldori)
- ME :P

I was thinking of a little race (as always, i love small char), maybe a necromancer? Will it fit? Which classes should i consider to make something useful?
Thanks in advance for your patience!

thanks for all advices!
I think i'm going with Halfling+Dervish as suggested!

probably getting a longsword + weapon finesse + weapon focus + slashing grace is better?
Is it worth the d6 instead of d4?

Ook thanks again...
which is the best method of those you wrote?
-Rapier mode (seems the most flavourish)
-Scimitar mode
-Slashing mode

thanks for advices!
So Goblin it's viable, and also small tiefling is really a nice idea!!
I'm wondering, how i should put points: INT>DEX>CON>STR>WIS>CHA ? that's the way?
And assuming i'll use (it makes sense) my DEX, how could i get DEX bonus to damage?

Hey guys, i'm on a new creation for a party composed of:

- Paladin
- Cleric
- Summoner
- Cavalier
- Ranger

I'd like to do a Magus, small race(if possible), what do you suggest?

Ravingdork wrote:
BeepBeepImAJeep wrote:

Hello Ravingdork, i just want to say nice stuff!

Do you have (not already saw that all) goblin characters in / Do you plan to create some?

Grunk and Sojo are both goblins.

Gudruun, the Master of Chains, has always felt as though he were a hobgoblin in a human's body.

I currently have no plans to make more goblinoid characters, but since I make characters as inspiration strikes, more could appear at any time. You are also welcome to submit your own to the Character Gallery's public archive.

Thank you, i'll take a look!