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I am looking for a little advice here. We are starting Season of the Righteous tonight at my local game store. I am going to play a cleric. I have a converted Class deck Kyra (skill feat: wisdom and power feat: proficient with weapons) or I could go with a WotR Kyra.

I like both options. Class deck Kyra is really good in combat with just a sword which lets me focus support spells but WotR Kyra is a far better healer and divine spell caster. Any suggestions?

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I've been playing class deck Kyra in Season of the Shackles, and I love her. She's a little weak to start off because she's not proficient with weapons, and every sword puts her at a negative. Once you grab a few power and skill feats, though, she's awesome.

I love her so much, I plan to try out WotR Kyra for Season of the Righteous. CD Kyra's spell casting abilities have made me realize I want to try out more with divine casting. Dunno when I'll get to try that, though. I'm starting OP at a new store, and we're not sure which season we're playing yet.

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Looking at WotR Harsk, Kyra and Seoni and then looking at the cards from Wrath of the Righteous (which make up what we're playing in Season of the Righteous), I'm leaning towards using the WotR version of the character in the new season.

There wasn't a Kyra for S&S. So what we got was a more generalize version of Kyra. Harsk was the same way. But we got a Valeros. Lem and Merisiel that were flavored for S&S. So I'm still inclined with this new season to strongly look at the "flavored" version of these iconic characters.

I played RotR Kyra through the original AP and my wife played Class Deck Kyra through the OP cycle. Haven't had - chance to play new Kyra yet.

Class deck Kyra is great - once she's got a couple of power feats, she's really good in combat with sword, meaning that you can use all her spells for support (find traps, still a great spell in adv 6, healing, stat boosts etc)

The only problem is that the cleric class-deck doesn't have many swords. If you're doing OP, you'll need to make sure you get plenty of loot swords, or you'll still be relying on Longsword at the end of the cycle.

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Thanks for all the input guys. I am leaning toward WotR Kyra even though she will have to be using fireblade and holy light until tier 5 when she gets divine blaze. I think her self heals, D12+2 and power feat to use her self heal even on her check as well as when she roasts a demon or undead will make up for this lack.

I played with a class deck Kyra all through Season of the Shackles and she was pretty amazing with sword in hand but having to spend her first explore to heal someone kept out blessing deck tight. We won with less than 5 blessings left multiple times. We did have a 6 person table so that could be the a big part of the problem.

So thoughts on lack of good attack spells options for WotR Kyra?


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I played WoTR Kyra for the first 3 scenarios of the Season of the Shackles, and had a lot of fun with her. The Worldwound is the place to play her, and if you've already played CD Kyra during the Shackles i'd recommend changing it up a bit and playing with WotR Kyra.

I can't speak to the situation at higher levels, but at low levels you'll have 2 or 3 attack spells, 2 or 3 Cures, and maybe a utility spell. Your power to attack Undead or Demons by recharging a spell is key; I took the ability to recharge a blessing for that power instead as my first Power feat. If there is a location where every enemy is an undead or demon, that is obviously a good place to go. Your mace will be a back-up weapon of last result; maybe you'll kill a Giant Cockroach with it but otherwise expect to discard it for the d4 and even then your odds aren't good.

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When I said "I played with a Kyra CD" I meant someone else was playing her. So I don't have first hand experience only observations. Sorry for the confusion. If I do play Wrath Kyra my first power feat will be to use a blessing I completely agree with you on that Bard! I currently have a converted class deck Kyra I played four scenarios of season 0 with.

So it is between converted class deck Kyra with a +1 wisdom skill feat and power feat of proficient with weapons and a fresh WotR Kyra. I am thinking Wrath Kyra will be more fun in this campaign but wanted to hear some other perspectives. I appreciate everyone's input and would welcome anymore particularly about WotR Kyra running into trouble with those b level attack spells once she gets up into adventure 3 or so.

Keep in mind that there are a good number of items, monsters and some locations/barriers that will want knowledge checks. CD kyra can't do that to save her life. Unfortunately, the cards in YOUR deck from the cleric CD box won't be as compatible with WoTR Kyra (fewer attack spell upgrades, few books/knowledge items and allies). I'd still rather play WotR Kyra myself since she'll fit the scenarios better (outsider focused monsters/barriers).

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