Second Level Barbarian / Alchemist Gestalt Rage Power / Discovery Advice


Just started a new campaign and we reached level 2 in our first session

Party is currently 4-6 Players, and 2 NPCs
I am Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) / Alchemist (Beast Morph/ Vivesectionist)
We have an Alchemist/Witch
Magus/ (Rogue/Arcanist)
and 2 players undecided

So my question is with this party makeup with any non 3rd party content allowed what do i take as my 2nd level rage power and Discovery?

and in general what is the "right time" to take certain powers/discoveries?

also I am two handing my weapon should i be using my feats on extra rage powers/discoveries? or are their better uses?

Two handing is a pretty lite style on feats. You want Power Attack, maybe Furious Focus, after that you're pretty open. Talk to your GM about if Potion Glutton works with Extracts; if it does you want that feat for your Alchemist side.

Rage Powers... the frank answer is "they're wide open". Normally, a Barbarian works up the Beast Totem chain for Pounce, the Superstition/Spell Sunder chain for all of those abilities, and then grabs either random good powers or picks one of the Blood chains.

You're a Beastmorph too though, so you can get Pounce at 10th whenever you chug your Mutagen. The best Blood chain gives you a Fly speed, but Beastmorph does that too. I'd strongly consider taking Superstition here if your playstyle supports it, but that's the only real key one.

If you really don't know where to go, the Dragon Totem line is solid. Talk to your GM about how he thinks Dragon Totem Resilience works; that one's pretty poorly written. Some rule it as granting a bonus to your DR, others only as granting higher energy resistance than normal.

Extra Rage Power can be a strong feat if you do find a bunch of rage powers that you like.

Discoveries are in a similar boat for different reasons. There are some strong grabs-- Combine Extracts, Greater Mutagen and its ilk. But you don't care overmuch about Feral Mutagen (it's still a decent pick for if you get disarmed or grappled mind), which is the usual first pick.

Personally, I'd take a look at the defensive tricks. Spontaneous Healing and Preserve Organs can save lives until you get to the level-restricted discoveries like Combine Extracts. Tumor Familiar can be awesome if you can find something interesting to do with it.

I would avoid Extra Discovery; a bomb-based Alchemist probably wants it a few times, but a Vivisectionist doesn't have the same needs.

Thank you for the answers :)

Potion Glutton will work for my extracts, we actually just had this discussion with the accelerated drinker trait, and they are letting quick draw work for potions so i can draw and drink as a swift with that.

i need to get to power attack, but most likely will not end up with furious focus my attack will be high enough with this combination as is

which totem if any is really the hard decision for me, and i want to stay away from superstition, as we do have an npc buff wizard in the party, and i think my saves will be high enough without it (right now at second level im at 8,8,3 before rageing)

I agree with you about taking extra discoveries it does seem better to just wait. since there arent enough of them to really make it worth it

i think for now im between infusion, preserve organs, and vestigial arm

and may take accurate stance from unchained as my rage power

Liberty's Edge

Lesser Celestial Totem is amazing if you can heal as a Swift. Which Potion Glutton makes you capable of. Celestial Totem is pretty solid as well. Greater Celestial totem isn't worth it, though.

Aside from that, yeah, the Superstition/Witch Hunter/Spell Sunder line is pretty much the Rage Powers you desire.

As for Discoveries, as a melee Alchemist, Infusion is solid, as are Preserve Organs, Spontaneous Healing, and Tumor Familiar. Infuse Mutagen is also very nice as an emergency backup, but too pricey at 2nd to be worth it. At higher levels Combine Extracts and Greater Mtagen are must-haves.

Liberty's Edge

There is always the fun of extra limbs discovery. two handing a weapon, using a light weapon, and using a shield all at the same time after selecting extra limb twice....

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