Just completed my first Scenario! How do I record it?

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Hey, after being one of the first people to actually register in PFS, I completed my first scenario; 6-00 Legacy of the Stonelords, at Megacon 2015 in Orlando. FL. I used a 4th Level "pregen" Kyra, and had a blast. I just registered my character on the site, is there anything else I need to do to get credit for it? Thanks!

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There is nothing else you need to do. The organizers for the PFS games at the con will report the scenario along with all the other ones being run. That's why there is a sign in sheet.

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You're good!! Welcome to the club!! Have you been working on creating your first character?

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Welcome, now that you have played your first scenario and registered here, you could start creating your first character - however it is fine if you just want to try out a couple of pregens first.

You should have gotten a piece of paper, a so called "chronicle sheet" after your first scenario, you can apply this chronicle to a new character (thus enabling you to start your character with an XP and Gold head start) either by reducing the gold rewards to 500 (I would suggest it) or by waiting until your character has reached the level of the Pregen played.

You are very welcome to ask in the Advice section of this forum and ask for help with the character creation (they are good, particularly if you give them plenty data to help you with your concept) ideally mention, that this character will be for PFS in the title.

If you have any other PFS related questions, just ask here.

PS: I am not surprised that that scenario was a blast for you, I played it at my first PFS event with the level 4 pregen paladin.

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Heya and welcome to the Society. I'm glad you had a good time. Expect the information for you to play to be posted within the next 1-4 weeks as there are a lot of tables to input. All of the slots for the entire convention will be input before the event is posted, so the Florida VOs have a lot of inputting to do. The Chronicle sheet you were given is all you need as proof you played. So, anyway good luck adventuring and I hope to see you around the tables in the future.


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Welcome to the institution.

You should probably make a character. You don't have to record it anywhere , but you can make something a lot better than a pregen if you go back, especially if you have some books beyond the CRB

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Ghost did you get resolution? I am the gaming director for Megacon, and I am listed as the Tampa VC.

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