grippli agile tongue and disarming. armed or not?

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So the rules state you take a -4 to disarm if you're not armed. They also say you arm yourself with whatever weapon you disarm automatically if you're not armed.

So three things.

Is the tongue considered armed? Or is there a penalty?

If he's "armed" then does he not get the weapon?

Or is he some weird combo of it? I mean, is his tongue suddenly better because he's holding a dagger by +4? And conversely are we to believe he's armed by tongue so drops all the things he takes even with hands empty?

I have a skull and shackles game and he did just that. So it came up.

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The Agile Tongue feat just gives the Grippli another "limb/manipulator".

1. The tongue is not considered armed and cannot wield a weapon (it can pick up and hold items, not wield them). It is not a natural weapon and under the feat cannot be used to wield a weapon. Depending on what you use the tongue for, you would need the appropriate feat/ability to avoid an AOO when you use it. For example, Improved Unarmed Strike to do a melee touch attack, or Improved Disarm to do a Disarm combat maneuver. Note, if you are doing a melee touch attack with a spell, you are considered armed, so no AOO. The difficult question is if the opponent gets an AOO (and assuming they don't have a reach weapon or otherwise can reach your body), can they take the AOO against your tongue? I believe creatures with natural reach do not take AOO's if you cannot reach them, so an Ogre doing a disarm from 10 feet away against an opponent wielding a Longsword triggers an AOO, but does not actually take the AOO because the opponent cannot reach them (but I didn't double check this rule, so take it with a grain of salt).

2. If the rules allow you to grab the disarmed weapon, I believe the tongue could do so, but note that the tongue has a weight limit and while it can carry an item, it cannot wield it. I would allow a Grippli to grab a weapon with its tongue and return it to an unoccupied hand if it has one, though.

3. Holding a Dagger +4 does nothing for the tongue because to get the +4 from the weapon, you must wield it. The tongue cannot wield weapons.

Keep in mind that the GM can bend the rules in his game (subject to any social contract with the players). If the Gm wants to say an extraordinary Grippli has learned to use a magic dagger to aid it in disarm attempts, I'd probably let it go. I'd be focusing more on getting that dagger from its corpse (32,302 gp!). Ka-ching!

That isn't really my question

The feat says he can disarm with it. I want to know if he counts as "armed" with nothing in his hands, as disarm without being armed has a 4 penalty.

Then I want to know if he is "armed" does that mean he can't keep the weapon he takes into empty hands as it says if you are unarmed you do that automatically.

Basically I just want to know if you take a penalty or not if you carry something in your hands or not. And of your hands are empty can you transfer it to your hands without an action or not.

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