Dwarf / Duergar?


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So my party and I are playing in second darkness. We use a 20 point build. I am leaning towards playing a barbarian, bloodrager, or maybe fighter. I want to be probably anti mage, but definitely wield some big hammer. I am looking for some insight into what to play. I will be coming in at level 3. The party is possibly changing but consists of a fighter, rogue, and sorceror.

Ah ... Second Darkness ... I have fond memories of that one, and would like to revisit it sometime down the road. :)

A dwarf (possibly duergar) character ... I notice what the current party composition is (and also that you say it might be changing) ... I think bloodrager could be fun ... but what about a warpriest? A dwarf warpriest could be a lot of fun (I'd think) and the current group roster is minus any type of divine spellcaster.

You are (possibly) playing in Golarion, and if you have access to it, Dwarves of Golarion offers a few other dwarf deities besides Torag.

Not sure what your thoughts are on divine spellcasters (you didn't list one as a thought/consideration).

I'd say, play the character/class you most want to play.

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Well I never looked at war priest but it looks as though it might be cool. Any build suggestions or tips in playing one?

Well, unless I miss my guess, wisdom should be your primary stat, with constitution and maybe strength. I know dwarves have a minus to charisma, and without my Advanced Class Guide handy I'm not sure if they need that score for any class abilities.

I have a player in my weekday night game (day of the week changes) but anyway, he's playing a warpriest (a samsaran) and that seems to be working out well for him. (Not sure if it's the race/class combo, or his general tactics and class abilities). I'll "pick" his brain next time we gather and see what he might suggest.


PS: Sorry for the "hiatus" from the messageboard. :)

I'm definitely not up on my warpriest builds, but there's a guide available.

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Duergar Breaker Barbarian, with Spell Sunder.

Literally, smash spells.

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I do like to smash.

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War priest is nifty.. IMO its a paladin without the code.

I dislike divine casters myself though (save, paladin, which is in my top 3 fav classes)

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