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I really respect this build. It is an all around rock solid character. The class/combat style balance out each others weaknesses more so than just about anything else I've seen. I have to play one.

I'd like to know what others have to say. I'll start with a few open questions to stir the pot.

Divine Hunter or Oath of Vengeance?

Mercies or Holy Guide?

Is Clustered Shot necessary? Fey Foundling?

And any other advice you wish to share.

Oath of Vengeance


Clustered Shots helps but is not a high priority, especially on a class with no bonus feats.

Fey Foundling is probably not necessary if you're spending most of your time at range. And again, it's hard to give up a feat for it when archery gobbles up so many.

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Divine Hunter helps with the feat problem. Oath of Vengeance is nice especially early on, but I know multiple players who never run out of there base smite evils. I think both are viable.

Clustered Shots is something I want to take later on. 9th lvl I think.

Ideas on the Ability spread. I was thinking something like this:

STR 14
DEX 16
CON 14
INT 10
WIS 10
CHA 14

I know its not super optimal, but I think it covers a lot of ground.

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Divine Hunter is a trap if you are going pure paladin. Losing Aura of Justice really hurts. It's great for a dip though.

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Divine Hunter is fine. Don't think of it as losing Aura of Justice. What it gains may not be as powerful as giving up Aura of Justice, but it's still a very powerful archer. Again, it may not be the powerful archer, but it definitely works. You won't ever feel weak or nerfed. I upped my str so I can still step into melee if I have to, and for a composite longbow. My FCB went into skill points so I still got 3 skills per level which was more than a lot of paladins I ran across..

Here's what mine looks like with a 20 pt buy
str 14
dex 16 (18)(+2 aasimar)
con 10
int 10
wis 10
cha 14 (16)(+2 aasimar)


divine hunter - Precise Shot for free
1) Point Blank
3) Rapid Shot
5) Deadly Aim
7) Manshot
9) Clustered Shots
11) Improved Precise Shot

Magical Knack
Observant (perception as a class skill--a must for me)
A great option is Deadeye Bowman for worshiping Erastil, but by the time you pick up Improved Precise Shot it's wasted. Mine was for PFS so I didn't pick any feats beyond that.

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STR 14
DEX 16
CON 14
INT 10
WIS 10
CHA 14

1)Point-Blank Shot, Rapid Shot & Precise Shot
3)Deadly Aim
5)Improved Initiative
7)Many Shot
9)Clustered Shots
11)Improved Critical

Reactionary, Indomitable Faith

drop mic

IMO, Core Paladin > Divine Hunter for a paladin archer. Divine Hunter just seems to lose too much.

Oaths do have potential.

If I was playing a paladin archer, I'd be sorely tempted to take a two level dip into Fighter. Yeah, you lose good goodies, but the two bonus feats are really nice for someone as feat-starved as you. Playing a Human would further close that feat gap.

I would say go Core paladin or Oath of Vengance.
Clustered Shot will vary by campaign. If you can expect a good amount of wealth then overcoming DR will not be much trouble, but if not then CS may be a feat that helps a lot, especially when you are not smiting.

I'm playing this in a Jade Regent game and still low level. 2 levels DH and currently dipping into Zen Archer to cover some ground (feats) to allow smooth and playable entry to AoO out to 15'. 3 levels of Zen will cover those needs and then I will race back to DH for the duration. I'm giving up some Paladin abilities but figured the huge deluge of feats in exchange for the dipping all fit my vision for the character.

1: Precise Shot (DH), Point Blank Shot (human), Rapid Shot (1st)
3: Dodge (Monk Bonus 1), Mobility (3rd), Perfect Strike (Zen 1), Improved Unarmed Strike (Monk)
4: Weapon Focus (Zen 2), Combat Reflexes (Monk Bonus 2)
5: Point Blank Master (Zen 3), Shot on the Run (5th)
7: Snap Shot
9: Undecided (Deadly Aim, Manyshot, Extra Channel, Extra LoH)
11: Improved Snap Shot

The 14 feats by 11th level all focused toward an effective archery build is pretty nice.

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Reckless Aim?

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