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As per this feat:

Overwatch Vortex wrote:

You are ready to respond to many more of your foes’ actions.

Prerequisite(s): Overwatch Style, Overwatch Tactician, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Weapon Focus with the chosen weapon, base attack bonus +11.

Benefit(s): While using the Overwatch Style, as a full-round action you can ready up to four ranged attacks, each with its own triggering event. You take a –2 penalty on attack rolls made with these readied actions.

Question 1: Can I assign the same event to multiple attacks? Can they trigger at the same time?

Question 2: Do abilities like Startoss Comet count as an attack I can ready with Overwatch Style, or no? (In this case, assume I have the ability to maintain multiple styles.) Smite Evil? Combat Maneuvers if I have the feats to allow me to do that at range?

Firstly, I’m going to be posting different versions of this in different games that I’m in, but I want to make sure that it’s known why I’ve been absent for roughly a week - from the whole forum, not just this thread. And it goes like this:

1.So, as I probably posted previously, my computer decided to go berserk and I needed to reformat it.
2. It then decided that a day or two later would be a great time to die altogether. Problematically, I have no other device capable of browsing the web.
3. Then my nieces chose to visit for a couple days, and I was spending time with them.
4. At the same time, my mom has been recovering from surgery, meaning I’m doing more driving than usual…
5. car wound up needing some heavy repairs…
6. ...and work has frankly become pretty uncomfortable for me, so I’m actively searching for a new job.

With all that said and done, I’ve lost a lot of spare time and a LOT of money. I did replace my computer (and hoo boy is the new computer nice), but as such I’ve realized that I’m going to have to drop out of a few games.

I will be LEAVING, but I feel I needed to give an explanation for my absence anyway.

I apologize for the inconvenience, and I sincerely hope there’s no bad blood caused by my absence.

claudekennilol wrote:
Divine a ring of spell knowledge...?

*rereads the item*

Ah, crap.


witch with the str patron can get it. There's a new holy bard that could get it as a SLA 1 per day at like lv2 and then twice at lv6 I think, it scales up at some rate on uses.

But most things that get it are divine, or turn divine when you pick it (reliquary occultist)

Hm. So, dipping 2 levels into Witch (ouch) is an option to gain it as an arcane spell which I could then put into a Ring of Spell Knowledge which would thus mean the spells levels with me in usefulness as I gain levels.

Or... Okay, let's assume you're using Variant Multiclassing rules. If you VMC as Witch, you get a Patron at level 1 and a Familiar at level 3. Witch Familiars grant bonus spells to their Witches based on the patron you have... but according to this FAQ, this makes choosing a Patron effectively meaningless. You get the spell as a 'Spell known,' but it's not on your spell list. Correct?

But Scribe Scroll doesn't need you to have a spell on your spell list, only to have you know it. Since you know an Arcane version of Divine Favor, could you scribe an Arcane version of Divine Favor, and then use the scroll to put that into a Ring of Spell Knowledge?

Ring of spell knowledge will probably be the best fit. Add a lesser extend metamagic rod... Yeah, that'll work. Thanks!

Obviously scrolls and potions exist, but what are some other good means? Assume Samsaran is NOT an option. I'm using a Destined Bloodrager in this context (because their 4th level ability gives them a Luck bonus to AC and saves, and I figure that's as good a reason to try to abuse Fate's Favored as any).

This is really tempting, but it costs a feat and is 1/day and requires specific deity worship. If I could boost the # of casts per day that would work just fine. Is there a way to do that?

Ah, you're unfamiliar with Warhammer Fantasy lore? Well...

#2 I can answer pretty easily: first, the land in question would be the land of Norsca, though note that Norsemen / Northmen are pretty well distrusted in most of the Warhammer universe as they're typically worshipers of the Chaos Gods and the like. But some groups are less prone to being Chaos-addled folk, such as the Skaelings and the rest of the southern tribes. This isn't to say that the southern tribes are gentle folk - just that they're prone to trade as well as raiding and aren't all worshiping monstrous deities that want to end civilization. Some worship deities such as Ulric, who is much more palatable to reasonable folk than the Chaos Gods.

I'm not sure on the artifact - that's something you'd want to ask Grumbaki or the person in charge of the game (Demon Slayer on the forums).

As for #1, you'd probably want to be from one of the established cities in the world. Note that I specifically chose to be a Border Prince when I joined partly because the Borderlands aren't terribly well developed, giving me a lot of room to think of what sort of little princedom my character runs and why he's willing to throw his lot in with the dwarves. Dwarves, though, have very few holds left in the world. But again, I'd ask Grumbaki or Demon Slayer.

Also note that mechanically your faction would probably be the same as everyone else's. The distinctions arise in roleplay, special projects you construct, and in events / NPC negotiations.

(For instance, as a human I can negotiate with greenskins, but the dwarves I'm aligned with HATE greenskins and so can't.)

The Dawi need firm allies! Border Princes, mercenaries with a heart of- with a heart that yearns for gold, or perhaps more dwarves from distant realms... Come! Lend us your aid!

And save us from ork pirates!

Fernando-related Stuff:
I ask out of curiousity: What does Fernando look like now? You say that he's rather blatantly "undead," so I wonder what that looks like. I could picture a revenant from Deadlands, or Jonah Hex, or something even more overt?

Option 1: Just full on obvious zombie/skeleton undead. He'd be forced to wear a mask and operate at night if this were the case.

Option 2: Quite honestly, the more I think on it, the more I want a mish-mash of "Yes, he's always horribly obviously undead" and "Pirates of the Carribean style undead." In this way:

In the day, he looks normal, alive. But he has a certain smell about him, like that of a corpse; he can't eat food; he can't drink anything; he doesn't need sleep; etc. His hands don't feel normal, nor does his skin. There are other obvious things: no blinking, no breathing, no pulse...

But at night, it becomes clear what he is. I'm having trouble choosing between him being a skeleton or a zombie, but it will be VERY obvious either way.

Alternatively, it could be the opposite: in the day time it's obvious what he is, and at night he seems human - but when moonlight doesn't touch him.

I'm still working this out and would love your opinion here. Option 1 would be a lot simpler and more straight-forward to work with. Option 2 could be used for compels? Like, you could compel me for his nature to be revealed at REALLY inopportune times?

I wonder if having "El Caballero Rojo" in the high concept is helpful or not. Actually, come to think of it, maybe either Infamous or Renowned would be a helpful addition. Fernando has quite a bounty on his head (had?), and that's a nice addition to both invoke or compel since people would know of you and react with fear/awe/spite/etc.

Do you mean adding Infamous or Renowned to the title line? Such as The Infamous and Noble Desperado? Or The Infamous Caballero Rojo? I think he'll have a bounty on his head still, since for some reason he's still around. He shouldn't be, but he is.

Also, a couple general notes:

I imagine that Fernando, despite not being human anymore and not enjoying pleasures of the flesh, is still a romantic. I imagine he does things like visit the homes of beautiful women under cover of moonlight, bringing roses and songs and promises of devotion, wearing his signature red clothes and keeping his hat tipped low to conceal his face. And, of course, he'd never try to actually touch a women given that he's a danged zombie/skeleton/whatever now - but the idea of romance still drives him, as does his generally cavalier attitude.

Fernando would definitely be what I'd call a good guy, too. He's no saint, but there's a reason the Devil needed to buy his soul: if he'd let him die, he'd have gone straight to Heaven, no doubts. So he's a doomed hero, accepting a terrible curse and using it to try and do some good while he's around.

Fernando doesn't even need to be good with a gun anymore - he can take bullets to the chest and not care. I imagine his undead state has given him good Physique and that he may use Fighting as much as he uses Guns now.

Fernando Rosales:
High Concept: Noble Desperado

Fernando is part of a dying breed of romantic Wild West heroes, men larger than life that seem to live out fairy tales out in the desert. Also known as "El Caballero Rojo" (The Red Knight), Fernando has traveled the lawless parts of Mexico and the West, and he has always turned heads with his strange, outdated idea of honor. Even so, he is still an outlaw.

Trouble: For Love and Honor

'Honor,' he calls it. Some would call it foolish, but Fernando seems to have the unfortunate combination of being willing to fight for what he deems worthy causes and being a sucker for a pretty face. He is known for his passion in all other things, for the bite of his tongue, and most of all for his pursuit of love, fame, and that vaunted 'honor' he tries so hard to keep from falling apart. They say Fernando has only ever killed a man in self-defense, and the Red Knight tries very hard to keep it that way.

Bargain Aspect: Dead and Alive

They say that legends never die. That's hogwash. While trying to protect a village from a group of bandits, lawmen that had been pursuing the desperado caught up with him. He was caught in the middle of these two groups, with bullets flying and smoke rising high into the air, trapped.

The bandits won that fight. Fernando had them on the ropes, but when the authorities arrived they shot the man with the biggest bounty on his head - Fernando - square in the back. He tried to keep fighting, but he was shot again, and then a third time, and a fourth. The bandits then fired at the lawmen, and when they took a few losses, the authorities fled the scene, leaving Fernando bleeding out and the bandits loose on the village.

As he lay there at death's door, Fernando could hear screaming from the town. The bandits were doing horrific things, he knew, and there was nothing he could do. But then someone appeared before him, a stranger wearing a black coat with fire in his eyes: el Diablo.

The Devil had an offer to make Fernando. He knew that the desperado couldn't just watch as the bandits had their way with innocent folk. He knew Fernando would do anything, give anything to save them. So he offered him a choice: he could die peacefully and rest in Heaven, or he could make the ultimate sacrifice and sell his soul so he could spit in death's face and save those people.

Fernando made his choice. He sold his soul.

What happened next would go down as a horror story for the ages. El Cabellero Rojo stood, picking up his famous red hat and setting it on his bloody, broken face. He stepped out into the open, shouting for the bandits to come out and fight him. The bandits answered Fernando's call, putting at least a dozen bullets into him, but he just stood there with an expression of hatred. Then he shot them, killing some and sending the rest scampering for the hills.

But he wasn't lauded as a hero. Those who saw his face knew what he was: a monster, a man that had cheated death. They screamed for God to help them, and Fernando fled into the night.

To this day, Fernando is still wandering the Wild West, waiting for his final judgment to come. As he wanders, he looks for noble causes to fight for, always willing to set down his life - again - for love and honor.

Skill-wise, I actually don't imagine that Shoot is my character's best skill. I imagine it's Empathy or Provoke, and that he's really good at social skills, athletics, and then some fighting skills.

Also, I imagine he has a signature red vest, duster, or poncho to go with his red hat.

Which game is that? Is it the City of Drow one? I'd like to do some more setting study and the like before I make my decision, but possibly. And I'd love to get a good look at the other characters too and get a feel for what classes would fit the given setting best.

I do need to check: 1/day posting fine? I can do that pretty easily and have been doing so in all my games (with the sole exception of a game where the GM's activity has slackened due to real life issues).

And I will say that generally speaking I'd just really like to try out an undead character of some kind (since you're allowing templates in return for levels), so I'm interested in knowing what templates you'll allow.

I'm... kind of tempted to roll up a character. I haven't settled on whether or not to do so yet. Is posting 1/day fine?

The concept I'm considering is focused around the Bargain aspect I have in mind, actually: Dead and Alive. This would be someone that literally was on the cusp of dying and sold their soul at vengeance, or just a stay of execution, etc. But whatever the case, they're not alive or dead, but undead in a pretty clear fashion.

The good side of this would mean this character could get shot by a bullet and not care. The bad side of this? They're a freaking zombie. Also, their limbs have a bad habit of falling off and such, so they need to be sewn back on occasionally.

As for the high concept, I'm still chewing on this. I kind of want to make a Desperado from Mexico, or perhaps someone that was hung for a crime they didn't commit. And finally, I'm considering a Native American character of some kind - perhaps someone from what was once the mighty Comancheria, or a Pueblo farmer.

EDIT: I originally REALLY wanted to mix this in with Wounded Knee, but that doesn't happen until 1890. That's why it's taken me so long to post - I have the Bargain, but not the rest of the character, and I'm trying to find something historical and dramatic to work with.

How do you feel about this probably too strong Graveknight template? I'm eyeballing my stats and I think this could make for a solid Warpriest or Paladin.

Alternatively, a weird ground I could tread - and I do mean weird - is a Graveknight Ranger / Psychic, which gets me spells from Wisdom and Intelligence AND makes me perfectly fine at the smashing faces thing. Apparently, Psychic magic doesn't suffer arcane spell failure, so this could be a great way to play a full BAB full psychic caster riding a spooky mount of some kind (probably an Accursed Companion of some kind).

Alternatively... I could use the Ghost Rider cavalier archetype + the psychic class. This makes my mount undead too.

So, yeah: Paladin, Warpriest, Ranger/Psychic, or Cavalier/Psychic. Any thoughts?

(Honestly, despite my awesome stats that encourage full spellcasting... Graveknight Paladin, given permission to be Lawful Good, just sounds really appealing to me.)

EDIT: Oh, wow. Nevermind the paladin, there's multiple paladins already. Unless I specifically went for a mounted paladin route and focused on being the spooky character on a horse. I suppose that'd be my focus in any event: combat from the back of a horse. Ghost Rider or Sword of Valor. And maybe I need to find a way to make my Lay on Hands work on me despite Lay on Hands being positive

EDIT 2: Also, if Graveknight is too powerful, I'd be happy with Skeletal Champion or Dread Skeleton. I'm trying to avoid templates that hunger for living flesh / souls / whatever. The only other template that stands out to me is the Death Knight template, and I'd definitely, again, ask for permission to be Good-aligned and potentially play a paladin. Human Death Knight Paladin that can't use Lay on Hands on itself could be really cool (and potentially disastrous).

I'm curious as to what I get. Here goes...

Strength: 3d8 ⇒ (2, 6, 7) = 15
Dexterity: 3d8 ⇒ (6, 1, 4) = 11
Constitution: 3d8 ⇒ (2, 4, 4) = 10
Intelligence: 3d8 ⇒ (5, 6, 8) = 19
Wisdom: 3d8 ⇒ (3, 6, 8) = 17
Charisma: 3d8 ⇒ (2, 4, 7) = 13

Strength: 3d8 ⇒ (6, 8, 8) = 22
Dexterity: 3d8 ⇒ (2, 3, 5) = 10
Constitution: 3d8 ⇒ (3, 3, 2) = 8
Intelligence: 3d8 ⇒ (7, 8, 5) = 20
Wisdom: 3d8 ⇒ (6, 8, 6) = 20
Charisma: 3d8 ⇒ (8, 1, 4) = 13

Wow. That second set makes me feel obligated to roll up a character. 22, 20, 20 is great - even if the other stats are a little lackluster.

I'm... actually considering using an Undead template of some sort, if allowed, and then coupling it with Gestalt Cleric/Wizard. Presumably, that'd put the character at level 3 - not sure what the wealth would be. Would that be allowed? Non-evil undead allowed?

Argh, though. I just wish I could swap Intelligence and Charisma, or Wisdom and Charisma. Then I could be an undead paladin, non-gestalt. (Not being able to lay-on-hands myself would be unfortunate though.)

Just got a much better look at the thread and the current characters - and while my idea isn't exactly the same as the magus's, it's too close for comfort. I'll withdraw my concept. It's an interesting game, but the character idea I got intrigued by is too similar to another.

Also, I'd like to request permission to create the following custom magic item, as you want a party face:

Magnificent Torc - Grants a +3 Competence Bonus to Bluff.

4500g - pricing it the same as a Circlet of Persuasion and grants the same bonus, but in this way it can apply to Bluff (which acts as 3 different skills in your game), but is still able to affect Bluff despite Bluff being an Intelligence skill for me (where the Circlet would be unable to). Takes a neck slot, leaving the head slot open for a headband of intellect. In normal custom item rules it'd cost either 900g (because it affects one skill) or 2700g (if you counted it affecting three skills in your game because Bluff kind of does).

Is this okay? I'm basically trying to stack a little extra Bluff.

How open are you to unusual races? I'm eyeballing Ratfolk and Tiefling. Though chances are I'll roll up Elf, as it fits this setup the very best.

I'll flesh out the backstory some soon, but if I join I'm looking at making a character that's bookishly studied warfare - a nerd of warfare, really - and was going to join the military but got laughed off. Despite that, they're surprisingly useful in a fight, somehow emphasizing 'brains over brawn' successfully, and have a great grasp of numbers and just about every subject you can think of.

Mechanically, this would be a Fighter (Lore Warden) with Variant Multiclass Magus and levels in the PRC Student of War. They'd have the Clever Wordplay trait, and would use Intelligence for... everything. Attack, damage, AC bonus, Bluff (which in your game covers basically all the social skills)... I really want to try this out.

I'll crunch some numbers and then post a backstory (and can keep the numbers to myself unless chosen if you prefer).

Are traits and background skills being used?

I'd be interested in a Savage Worlds kingdom building game of some kind, I think.

Or Birthright.

Daw wrote:
You could reflavor 'False Focus" to account for most of the material component costs. Since the pokeball itself is really just fluffing the spell effect, you can just Metamagic extended range for touch spells if that is important to you, or you can just rule that you're living spell can only cast touch spells through you without Metamagic. The idea that spells are living spirits already works with Druidic and Shamanic flavoring, and is about the only way Vancian magic makes sense.

This is a great idea. The character could even use Metamagic Rods as "training batons" or the like, allowing me to use greater range on my touch spells that way, yeah. I think this is the route I'll use.

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A preservationist alchemist does summon things by throwing small containers. Bombs are arguably used the same way. It'd be easier to do this with that class/archetype IMO.

A pretty good thought, and very true. It doesn't feel quite as "catch 'em all" to me but that's a good route to consider.

You want to store your spells in a familiar rather than a spellbook? The spirit whisperer wizard archetype does that. So does an unlettered arcanist, or most witches.
Sounds like a spell storage item to me.

Yeah, I started thinking about that as I went to bed. "I choose you, <familiar name>!" followed up by "<Name>, use Fireball!" and casting my spells through my familiar sounds like a great way to start.

And it still gives me plenty of opportunities to say "IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE!" when s!*~ works.

About how to replacing spell components for pokeballs I don't know if there is some official ruling but as a homebrew your GM might allow replacing them for a pokeball with the same cost. 5000gp diamond powder? Maybe an Ultra Ball.

Talking with the GM is always the best idea. Given that this concept is entirely conceptual at this point, I'm hoping to see some rules to help. Maybe if I could somehow apply the Stylized Metamagic to all my spells for free...

are you using these "pokeballs" as thrown weapons to concuss foes into unconsciousness?

Not unless I'm casting Melf's Acid Arrow or something like that. No, these Pokeballs are being used the way Pokeballs are usually used: you toss them and a magical thing comes out.

As an example: let's say I'm playing a character that's casting Summon Monster. Pretty simple: I say 'I choose you, Hound Archon!' or something. But the same could be applied to spells: casting Web could be summoning a 'pokemon' that casts the spell and then vanishes immediately. Etc.

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No, seriously, hear me out: I had this dumb idea while joking with a friend about how wizards want to "catch them all" (spells), and I suddenly wanted to know if there's a feat or SOMETHING that lets you cast your spells with a specific material component in lieu of other components... and options that remove the spellbook without adding tattoos or anything weird like that.

Basically, I want this wizard to throw pokeballs at people when he casts spells, and the spells to come from the pokeballs.

How do I do? How do I do the thing?

(Conjuration spells would obviously be very fitting, yes.)


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Euan wrote:

I like to think they haven't posted because they're all at a party and they just don't know yet.

Until someone picks up their cell phone, and checks the boards, 'just for a moment, see if anything's up'...


The most recent celebration for Starfinder is a bit too raunchy...

I'm honestly just surprised there hasn't been a developer post along the lines of "Don't worry, we're working on it." But yeah, same issue, obviously. It's site-wide and all that.

Starting to feel awful glad I'm using an alias as a journal for one of the games I'm in.

Sorry about the absence. Been considering whether or not to go ahead with my plans to make a minion.

I've settled on two ideas:

1. The nonmagical crafting specialist, as before - but since ScegfOd is interested in crafting, maybe I shouldn't do it. If I DO do it, he'll probably be a Ranger with the Trapper archetype (the non-magical traps last 1 day/level, so he could rotate new traps in to replace old ones every week). Not sure on the race - goblin, half-orc, bugbear, templates or not... Lots to consider.

2. I was also considering a character with the Leadership feat to lead a throng of goblins - or another humanoid, perhaps. A lizardfolk tribe that's taken to living in the swamps could make sense (and could vie for Albarath's favor). Maybe the tribe could have draconic heritage bloodragers and the like? Maybe there are even a few of them which have been given to the tower as hatchlings to become Arcanists, combining knowledge with draconic heritage...

ElegantlyWasted wrote:
I don't want to copy Brandy but I kind of do; Hobbits get SUCH GOOD ARCHERY STUFF that it's just silly.

Why not check out the Bardings of Dale? Men of Dale are amazing archers in a different way: where Hobbits are super accurate shooters that focus on inflicting Piercing Blows, Men of Dale are focused on inflicting incredible amounts of Endurance damage. (They get a cultural virtue which lets them use their FAVORED body for damage with great bows, which translates to "That one generic virtue that increases a Favored stat by 1 makes you murder stuff REAL GOOD at the same time.")

EDIT: To give an example: a Barding archer (Body 6/9 Heart 6/8 Wit 2/3) with Fierce Shot and the Grievous reward deals 9 damage with his bow normally, or 18 on a Great Success or 27 on an Extraordinary Success. That's doable at the get-go of this campaign.

As far as combat roles go: my character will definitely be a frontliner. I'm going to start off by putting points into Great Axe and using that as well as a spear (which I'll use for opening volleys), and using the Dunlending special great axe that can be held in one hand along with a shield. Later on I'll take that one ability that makes me do more damage when fighting in a Forward stance.

I think I'll make this character a Leader and use the traits Herb-Lore and Tracking.

@Inlaa Here's an idea for connection between your character and mine. Hobbit lass (haven't decided on the flower her name will be yet) is traveling to Bree on her own. She is captured by your group. Your heart is softened in some way toward her. Maybe my story or you couldn't condone killing someone that is child size or maybe you've never seen a Hobbit and think she's a child. Together we escape and continue to Bree.

That sounds like a great idea! He cut her bonds and they stole away in the night, and they've been traveling together since.

I also like how this actually goes counter to one of my character's personality traits (Hardened) while working with the other (Wild, which has a line that says "you trust your instincts" basically). My character is familiar with the harsh realities of the world and has slain Men and taken captives in the past with no remorse, but had a gut feeling that your character shouldn't be harmed. So, he set her free.

Gonna start working on the crunch in full now.

Double checking: four experience points as per the Experience Points used during character creation, or four experience points as per the stuff you use AFTER character creation to purchase weapon skill / Valor / Wisdom?

Also, I think I'm going to start designing a Dunlending. I'm thinking this character used to be a part of a raiding clan, one of those that forays into the area around Bree. Potentially, they may have even fought someone (or the whole of) in our fellowship and lost, but were given a second chance and allowed an opportunity to stray from the dark and into the light.

If anyone's interested in working with that idea, please let me know. I don't mind if someone wants to have been the person that defeated my character originally should I go with this idea, or that saw it best to give them that second chance.

Multiple AoOs? You still need Combat Reflexes, yes?

Archer paladin comes to mind. You've got the stats for it, definitely. Halfling archer paladin as Sir Thugsalot suggests is REALLY good for those stats. If you really wanted, you could swap STR and INT so you have 12 STR after racial adjustments, allowing you a slight damage boost... or CON and STR, so you have 14 STR after racial adjustments. Also nice.

Hmm. Swapping STR and CHA, you could actually make a pretty wicked melee character of most any sort. 18/16/16 in your physical stats BEFORE racial adjustments? Damn, man. Just... Damn.

I'm a bard fan, personally. If you wanted to make a sick archery style bard, consider swapping INT and STR, going Arrowsong Minstrel, and playing a human (throwing the +2 in DEX) or elf. You'd be pretty well set with both support spells based off your amazing 18 CHA and some decent damage capabilities with 14 STR, Inspire Courage, and some bonuses to using ranged weapons. 18 DEX = a good chance to hit, and your 14 or 16 CON would be more than sufficient for a back row character. If you really needed to, you could pack a shield and a weapon to wade in and help your allies in a pinch.

For spellcasters... Well, since you can flip any two stats you want, you're pretty much set.

Basically, with those stats you can make most any idea work.

CrystalSeas wrote:

A gnome is also a small creature, and I can easily imagine a gnome in some kind of armadillo (banded mail) armor that they have jiggered so that they can roll up like a pillbug into a perfect sphere.

Or, a football that someone drop-kicks over the goalpost

My friend is discussing making a tetsubo-wielding orc that uses the tetsubo like a baseball bat to send my armored goblin who dreams of flying soaring at the enemy in spiked full plate.

I'm tempted to make the goblin a grapple expert that readies an action to initiate a grapple upon making contact with an opponent.

Concerning rock-throwing: How do we gain hardness as a creature so we're usable with Rock Throwing? Otherwise, our ally needs Throw Anything, right?

...or could the person throwing the goblin actually be throwing the full plate the goblin happens to be wearing?

And yeah, this build definitely needs a willing GM.

avr wrote:

Be a goblin with the Roll With It feat. The bouncy trait might help too.

If your ally has the rock throwing ability - stone oracles can get it as a revelation, as can ravener hunter inquisitors - that would probably make throwing you easier.

I LIKE those ideas.

Wait. Dumb idea: is it possible to dangle a halfling buddy from a Blinkback Belt so you can make as many attacks in a given round as you want with him? Probably not because an improvised weapon is not a weapon; it's something you use AS a weapon; but the idea was so hilarious that I felt a need to mention it. Just imagine the bulky half-orc warrior carrying his spiked full-plate clad halfling friend on a chain attached to his belt, then taking him off the chain and throwing him repeatedly at the enemy.

Yeah, I'm thinking wearing spiked armor and delaying your turn until after you're thrown AND having your ally possess the "Throw Anything" feat all can help. Bonus points if the ally has the Warpriest Air Blessing?

How would you build a character that specializes in being thrown as a weapon by other characters?

Not gonna say much except that I DO want to play a Dunlending since it's on the list of allowed backgrounds. But specifics for the campaign have yet to be worked, so I'll wait and see what the story is like before hashing out anything beyond that.

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Generally speaking: pick out spells you like and use regularly. Have some utility spells you'll use based on the adventure. Select spells you use regularly at the start of the day, prepare a couple utility spells (or make scrolls of them if you're a wizard). You're set.

As an example, let's say I want to play a support-style wizard in a game. My focus is on buffing the martials to make them feel great, and then on Save or Suck spells to ruin the enemy. So I'd have some buff spells and some control spells in my arsenal, but then I'd vary some spells based on what I know I'm fighting. Orcs? They've got crap will or reflex saves, likely, so I'll grab some spells that target those. Ghosts? Stuff that's effective against undead sounds good. Oh, we're going to be exploring a blistering hot rainforest? Maybe I should get some spells that ward off animals, spells to help deal with the weather... that sort of thing. And I CAN do this, because I'm a flipping wizard; my spell list is as broad as my budget allows.

And when all's said and done, I'll have a few scrolls of utility spells. Scrolls to detect secret doors and traps, a couple scrolls of silence in case I'm fighting another spellcaster, a scroll of dispel magic in case I end up using my prepared one, a scroll of whatever I might need but don't want to waste a slot preparing.

Is this a lot of bookkeeping? Absolutely. But that is how the prepared spellcaster do.

Now, you don't have to play it to that extreme, obviously, but it helps to have Scribe Scroll (so you can prepare stuff you might need but don't want to worry about). If you avoid that, just use this rule of thumb: pick spells you want to use often and MOSTLY fill your spell slots with those. Have 1-2 spell slots per spell level that are more utility-based. Then you're good.

Blymurkla wrote:

I think the answer is no. You can't use things based on rage when affected by a inspired rage.

I can see where that argument stems from, which is why I posted this.

However, inspired rage does not allow the ally to activate abilities dependent on other rage class abilities, such as rage powers, blood casting, or bloodrager bloodlines; the ally must activate her own rage class ability in order to use these features.

In this case though I'm not sure. Without using the unfair "well it doesn't list feats so feats are fine" type of logic (which is weird and silly), it's weird to me because while you require the Rage class feature to TAKE amplified rage, the wording - "raging" - in the Benefit text is potentially less specific? And Inspired Rage does refer to rage class features as "OTHER rage class features," which implies it's a rage class feature of some sort.

Skald's inspired rage is so screwy.

I'd love to see FAQs or developer quotes on this if possible, but more opinions on the matter would also be nice. I'd love for this combo to work - but if it doesn't, oh well.

On time frame I meant in the story. Like... Fourth Age? Before Bilbo went on his adventure? In the War of the Ring, but focused on Angmar? I know this will relate to Angmar somehow, but I'm not sure exactly what time frame that allows.


Skill Unlocks + Adopted (Friendless) + potentially Skill Focus or a decent wisdom or a decent INT combined with Precise Treatment is the start to a slow but workable healing process that uses no magic. You could also worship Zon-Kothun (or convince your DM to let you take this without that requirement) and use the following trait: Battlefield Surgeon.

Is it a perfect solution? No. But it can make Heal a worthwhile skill when you have no spellcasters around.

I want to make sure this works:

I'm an Esquire Cavalier VMC Barbarian. I get Rage at level 3. I use retraining rules to turn my Teamwork feat gained at level 1 into Amplified Rage. I can now grant that feat to my allies, but it's useless because they don't rage.

I have a Skald Aide-de-camp. The Skald can play some cool songs. One of them makes people rage, as per an ability called Inspired Rage.

Round 1 of combat begins. My Skald delays until after my turn. I use my Cavalier ability to grant Amplified Rage to everyone, which I can do even to non-half-orcs and people without Rage. Then the Skald uses Raging Song.

Can everyone benefit from +6 STR/CON so long as they do what Amplified Rage demands (stay adjacent or flank the same enemy)? My understanding is that Inspired Rage is not Barbarian Rage, but counts as Barbarian Rage for certain purposes - such as this one?

The list of requirements seems fine with me. My big questions are...

1. On 'G', you list full-body image. Do you mean a picture, or a physical description?

2. What time frame are we looking at? While I won't make a character ahead of time, I like brainstorming stuff.

3. I can post once a day easily. More than once a day depends on when I work. Is that alright?

4. And do you want to put a limit on posting rate? For instance, if there's six players and you come back one evening to see 30 new posts, what will your reaction be?

Daedalus the Dungeon Builder wrote:

I would, naturally, want to be a dragon (as if that wasn't already evident). Perhaps posing as a greater threat?

Alternatively, it might be fun to play as the tower's "greatest" adversary, playing both sides of the coin, if you will, to protect and serve the Dark Tower better.

You know... Something did come to mind: if you play as a dragon, maybe there could be sub-factions working for whatever is chosen as the one true master. In this case, if there was a dragon lording over another minion or two, I could play a kobold trapsmith (very sensible for kobolds) or a half-dragon warrior of some kind. I've always wanted to play a half-dragon lizardfolk barbarian or bloodrager.

Another off-the-wall idea? Goblin Drider that somehow makes great use of DEX (Noble Scion for DEX-based Leadership? Bolt Ace/Fighter with TWF and amazing stealth?). It fits as a minion of the tower, though I imagine it came about as some experiments by the past wizard that ruled the place...

Or, heck, a Bugbear with a Simple Class Template on top of class levels, since templates are allowed. Fighter Creature Bugbear Rogue, maybe? If allowed.

Thanks, will be watching.

Ahh, okay. So if it wasn't small, it would work, but in this case doesn't?

A friend wants to know the answer to this (he did this in a game already but wants to make sure it's legal before he does this again), so here's the question:

Let's say you have Evolved Summon Monster. You cast Summon Monster III and conjure up a Lantern Archon. You give it Bleed. Do its laser beams now cause bleed?

The reason I'm asking is I can't find any lines that say it has to apply to a natural attack. Light Rays aren't natural attacks, but they ARE attacks, and the bleed ability would apply to that, right?

If I'm wrong, that's fine - I'd just love to seen an FAQ or the like so I can show my friend and we can agree not to do this in game again.


Whoops, didn't DOT this. Doing so now. I'll get a Gameplay post up tonight.

Michelle A.J. wrote:
Inlaa wrote:

I'm leaning toward something I'd never be able to make work in a regular game, myself: a character focused around building traps, siege engines, and other forms of defenses. I'm looking at the character having that feat that lets you craft stuff without casting magic, and having this character be focused around building useful things to protect the tower with.

Part of me wants this to be an a builder-turned-adventurer that was captured when his party failed to drive off the goblins. Another part of me wants to make this some sort of monster (Orc? Half-Orc? Hobgoblin?) that actually came and joined the tower on purpose for... some reason. Still working this out.

So a monster that's cool with hanging out with goblins and loves building traps and weapons? Sounds like you wanna play a bugbear. :)

Bugbear is definitely one of the races I was considering. I'd have to convert its stats into a playable race, but yeah, a bugbear smith (blacksmith, trapsmith, and what-have-you) seems like a legit thing to play.

I'm leaning toward something I'd never be able to make work in a regular game, myself: a character focused around building traps, siege engines, and other forms of defenses. I'm looking at the character having that feat that lets you craft stuff without casting magic, and having this character be focused around building useful things to protect the tower with.

Part of me wants this to be an a builder-turned-adventurer that was captured when his party failed to drive off the goblins. Another part of me wants to make this some sort of monster (Orc? Half-Orc? Hobgoblin?) that actually came and joined the tower on purpose for... some reason. Still working this out.

But yeah, I'm hoping the Tower of Storms gets chosen.

I would EAGERLY make a character to serve Albarath. I'll be honest, I'm very ready to bow out of the Evil Mastermind role in hopes of increasing the chances I work for a dark tower (or a magic item kept inside the tower, whichever).

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