Need help making a zen archer


I'm quite the noob to PF and archery, but want to try a zen archer. This is how I've gotten so far, but I feel that I'm missing something.

Human Monk, Lawful Neutral
Alternate classes: Zen Archer + Quinggong Monk
Ability scores: 14, 14, 12, 10, 18, 8

1 BF: Precise shot F: Combat reflexes HF: Crane style
2 BF: Point Blank Shot
3 F: Deadly aim
4 QM: Barkskin 1ki
5 QM: Feather step 1ki F: Crane wing
6 BF: Imp Precise shot
7 QM: Heroic Recovery 1ki F: Crane riposte
9 F: Clustered shot
10 BF: Imp. Critical
11 F: Hammer the Gap
13 F: ?
14 BF: ?
15 F: ?
17 F: ?
18 BF:?
19 F: ?

I've mostly looked at stuff up to lvl 13. What am I missing?

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how often are you going to be in melee range with your archer? If the answer is...not very much...then drop Crane Style.

If you keep Crane Style, you'll need Dodge as a prereq feat.

I don't think you can combine quinggong monk and zen archer like that. You have quinggong monk abilities replacing zen archer abilities: this is not legal.

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ZA gets high jump and slow fall. He can replace those with Quinggong stuff

Blakmane wrote:
I don't think you can combine quinggong monk and zen archer like that. You have quinggong monk abilities replacing zen archer abilities: this is not legal.

The Qinggong Monk is one of the few archetypes that can pick and choose which class features to replace. As such, it is legal to combine archetypes provided you don't switch out anything that Zen Archer already did.

I know you can combine, but I thought he was replacing purity of body at 5th given the bad quinggong monk text, but it looks like he is only replacing high jump?

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Ki Power: A qinggong monk can select a ki power (see below) for which she qualifies in place of the following monk class abilities: slow fall (4th), high jump (5th), wholeness of body (7th), diamond body (11th), abundant step (12th), diamond soul (13th), quivering palm (15th), timeless body (17th), tongue of the sun and moon (17th), empty body (19th), and perfect self (20th). This replaces the monk class ability the qinggong monk gives up for this ki power.

4th is slow fall, 5th is high jump, and 7th is wholeness of body

Yes I know that now. The very poor archetype text caused some confusion:

A qinggong monk can learn additional ki powers, which often replaces a non-ki monk ability such as purity of body.

Except it doesn't replace purity of body so that's a terrible example to give. Clearly an editing mistake, the archetype probably replaced purity of body and was then swapped out for high jump.

Anyways, check out this excellent guide, which is almost the last word on the Zen Archer, if you have any more doubts. Drop the Crane Style feats, as you'll be using a bow in melee just fine with free Point Blank Master and (essentially) free Snap Shot.

The only game-changer I can recall as having come out after the One guide was written is the Weathered Warrior feat. It will hurt a bit burning a feat on Endurance, but it gives you a reliable counter to Wind Wall / Fickle Winds spells.

I'm afraid I will be in melee regularly, so something that can give me an edge i melee will be nice.

I'll read that guide thoroughly before completing him. Thanks! :)

I wouldn't bother with Crane Style or Hammer the Gap. You won't be in melee much and you will want to be using your swift actions for extra attacks not stances. Hammer the Gap is pretty low dmg when it works and if any of your attacks miss it resets to 0. So first attack hits +0, Second attack hits +1, Third attack misses +0, 4th attack hits +1.
I would seriously consider going Dwarf. As my ZA got higher in levels I was struggling to find useful feats. But I would have loved Darkvision and the Hardy/Steel Soul combo.

If you do go Human consider the Focused Study racial trait. I skipped it then bought Skill Focus Perception anyway. You can get Perception at 1, Acrobatics at 8, and by 16th you'll have a 3rd useful skill I'm sure.

Consider Improved Initiative. You can deal a lot of damage very fast and you can theoretically kill some enemies before they go at later levels.

Personally I dropped Zen Archer at 8th level because there wasn't much left to get. I went 3 levels of Fighter (Weapon Master) so that I could get Weapon Mastery and +3 to hit and dmg Gloves of Dueling. The extra feats and +4 vs Sunder and Disarm are handy too.

Also be aware that combat will be rough for you until 3rd level when you can start using Wisdom to hit. Don't get discouraged.

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