Horror in the "Weird" West


Pinnacle’s flagship product is Deadlands, a horrific journey into the “Weird West.” Mysterious beings called the Reckoners have given life to monsters and magic, causing history to divert from July 4th, 1863 forward. The South has won its independence, California has shattered into a labyrinth of flooded sea-canyons, and a mysterious super-fuel called “ghost rock” has spawned as much war and strife as it has “steampunk” devices.

Players are steely-eyed gunfighters, card-slinging sorcerers called hucksters, mysterious shamans, savage braves, mad scientists, and more who battle against evil and attempt to prevent the “Reckoning”.

In ’68 the Great Quake shattered California from top to bottom, leaving a maze of windswept mesas and perilous sea channels brimming with precious ghost rock. The Rail Wars raged as Rail Barons fought to reach California’s riches first. Only one of them can lock up the Maze’s lucrative ghost rock trade, and first they have to go through Reverend Grimme and his fervent followers!

Hello Partner's! I have recently decided to move from PF/D&D for a while and switch gears for my next campaign. I have decided to run the Deadlands Plot Point Campaign The Flood! This is a great intro adventure to the weird west setting(basically the ROTRL's for Deadlands Setting), and should span roughly a year! I am looking for a few players to join the game. Game will be played Monday, Tuesday or Wednesdays at roughly 7PM EST (based on player availability). We will be playing the game on Map Tools .91 and using Dolby Axon for voice. My plan is to take the 1st Wednesday of Each month off, and play the other 3-4 Wednesdays in a month. I usually run for between 4-6 hours depending on flow and how everyone is doing.

I'm looking for players that can meet, once per week. I'd like to start the game by the end of February or so latest. Let me know if you are interested and we'll keep in touch.


I'm definitely interested. I'll have to pull in Map Tools. My only concern is that Wednesday nights are my weekly tabletop gaming session. I'm ok with either Monday or Tuesday though.

I'm interested in playing a Huckster type. Alternatively, I have played Gunsliger/Bounty Hunter types as well on the original game system and had a blast.

Awesome! That puts me up to 4ish (depending on scheduling issues, so probably 3 after that) so if you have anyone else out there you can invite them. At least 2 other cowboys have said Wednesday won't work, so we are probably leaning towards Monday or Tuesday anyway.

Map tools is easy to set up and I can help with that. Hit me up on Skype at Underableedingsun if you can.

How is character gen going to be handled vis-a-vis card drawing?

found this, Card Shuffler

Ugh...can't link the actual draws :P

The framework we are using already has card decks built in!

Hey I'm interested, but I'm new to the steampunk thing so I may need some help. I hope that's ok.

Ok, still have 2 seats open. Can you get a hold of me on skype at underableedingsun and I'll get you set up? Right now we are looking at Monday or Tuesday at 7PM EST

Still on the prowl comrades

I would be interested in joining this game. I have no experience in Deadlands, but I have parsed through some of the books before and am interested in the setting. I'll contact your Skype with my information tonight.

If I were to join you, is there anything I would need to know as someone who has all of the books and is quite familiar with the setting?

My only house rules are here: https://deadlands-the-flood-2.obsidianportal.com/wikis/main-page. And you may have more campaign knowledge than me:) I have played a few shorts in deadlands (2-4 session games) and read through the marshalls handbook, players guide, and the entire flood book, but thats it! If thats ok with you though get a hold of me on skype at underableedingsun. One of my other players is more knowledgeable than me anyway, so two can help keep me in check.

Have room for one more cowboy all!

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