The Baleful March

Pathfinder Online

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Beware the baleful winds that ominously predict the walk of the dead. No living force will stop the march of the Golgothans.

Those that do not join the march will be consumed by it.

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A baleful eye, no doubt.

Let those winds, in turn, beware my light. For so long as the march threatens the innocent of this land, it will break upon my shield like water in the rapids of these River Kingdoms.

I beseech the righteous in this land to stand with me and join the phalanx. May Ragathiel's eyes be upon us and his wings shield us.

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See people all this doom and gloom about, posturing and provocation.

This is why we need a River Kingdoms Tournament to bash each others skulls in for the glory of our respective Kingdoms.

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Meanwhile outside Forgeholm...

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With whom will you stand?

Alone, if none else will.

With what will you fight?

With flesh and sinew, if all else fails.

The tide of evil will come, and it will break upon the rock upon which which the righteous have built their fortress.

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....and this with the *benevolent* ruler bathing in the blood behind the tide? The very stones of the mountains and roots of the trees shall stand against the selfish evil that is Golgatha and support all the people and races that oppose it!

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Jakaal wrote:
Meanwhile outside Forgeholm...

Seems like more like Outside Blackfeather Keep, to me.

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