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#PFO, #PFOhelp, #PFOtrade

I made a post earlier today that I realize now wasn't very informative to those with no idea what IRC is.

IRC, or Internet Relay Chat is an archaic mode of communication developed in the days of dialup, before the time of VOIP.

For socially based MMOs it can be an invaluable tool, especially when the game does not support global communication. It allows players who are not in-game to connect with the community in a real-time way. This is great for help and trade channels, because someone offline may have the answer to your question, or the rare item you are looking for.

I have set up 3 channels: #PFO, #PFOhelp, and #PFOtrade.
In IRC the # designates that the following word is the name of a channel.
What they are for, should be apparent.

The easiest way to connect to these channels is through the mibbit web-based irc client.
Step 1: Go here.
Step 2: Click "Launch Mibbit Client"
Step 3: Choose a Nick (Nickname)
Step 4: Enter: "#PFO" into the channel entry box
Step 5: Click Connect
and now you can chat

From there you can type "/join #PFOhelp, and/or "/join #PFOtrade"

If you want to learn more about the mibbit client or IRC in general, google it.

On the channels I operate, there is a zero-tolerance policy on impersonation If I find out you are pretending to be another member of the community, you will get an un-repealable lifetime ban.


If any GW employees want to identify themselves in the channel, message me(/msg) or anyone with a star* by their name, we'll do some email conformation to verify your identity, and identify you in the channel.
For future reference, if any GW employees are in the channel and have been verified, there will be half a star* by their name, and they will have a "GW_" prefix.

*The full star represents an Operator, this may be different if you are using another irc client.
**The half star represents the "half-op" permission set, this may be different if you are using another irc client.

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It is extremely easy to join: no need to install anything, no need to make an account. I was chatting within 15 seconds after reading Valkenr's first thread.

I hope this becomes PFO's metagamed Global Channel. Very valuable for trade across the hexes, across settlements and across organizations.

There's no amount of Teamspeak that can beat an IRC channel for trading(apart from the cacaphony that a global TS channel would be): your message can be read for a long while after you post it. People can respond right away if they are on the channel too, or they can take notice and contact you later in-game.

See you in PFOtrade. :)

I am sure Bandits will be monitoring this channel too, so I would discuss any specifics about a deal through /msg (as advised by Valkenr) or in-game (location, times). ;)

Thanks Valkenr.

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Here is a link that will take you directly to the #PFO channel. All you have to do is enter a username. Give it a few seconds to load the channel.

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I have secured a deal with Golgotha through the IRC yesterday. I am now the happy owner of some much wanted recipes and a Students Trophy Charm +1 so that I can use my Augment Manouver.

Recommended for easy trading!

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Thanks Valkenr! There are 17 on now - and as high as 20 so far. I saw DyanRancey pop on for five minutes early this morning. (wait, what?) What are you waiting for?! :)

[edit - I was fooled :) ]

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Thank you to everyone keeping the channel going, it may take a while to catch on, but IRC channels like these are a great resource for games like PFO.

I would like to hear from some people that aren't using the IRC channels: Why aren't you?

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I am online again, idling to my hearts content.

I should not be answering for others, but I think some people still find it a hassle to have extra windows open, even if it has such a low treshold as this IRC. Especially people with a single monitor. Some people may have safety issues though I would not know anything about that. Others simply have no need (yet) of being updated in Real Time as to what is going on across Hexes.

I think the latter will change once the game becomes populated, and being on the ball becomes much more important in this political and social game of Thrones. I can see merchants checking this channel to get some real time info about stuff that is going on 25 hexes away, if that is in their interest.

I also realize that this channel could be a den of spies and misinformation: that makes it even more important that people can not impersonate another, as you have pointed out, Valkenr. I think in the future, stuff may have to be more personalized and secure, with login needed or some, I have no idea how that works with Mibbit, but I can understand that you would want to keep the treshold low for now.

At some point I could see such Real Time information become so vital, that people will bother to make accounts.

Not everyone will have Alts all over the World, not everyone will have spies all over the place, not everyone is in the same Company, Settlement, Hex or Alliance, and information on Web boards about ongoing Wars and Diplomatics will not be as real time as asking in this channel will be.

So as long as GW does not provide a global channel, I could see an IRC like this become a real asset to this game.

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Valkenr wrote:
I would like to hear from some people that aren't using the IRC channels: Why aren't you?

I personally am not interested at all in the trade/economy aspect of PFO; however, I did inform the dwarven settlement of Forgeholm of its existence so they can be active participants in these discussions. :)

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Only one channel of 3 is for trade.

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Yes, I bet it can become pretty important too for checking out hot spots across the map. People who want to offer themselves as Guards,or Mercenaries, anything combat related that needs a quick response.

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Are there any instructions for connecting to the server without using a web browser? Is it using a standard port?

Goblin Squad Member is the server. Just open IRC, put that server address in and connect. Then join the channels.

FYI, I asked the same question Caldeathe. The whole browser thing confused me as well :)

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I tried HexChat and I couldn't get it to connect.

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I'm new to irc, but I gather it is an old/stable protocol which has many clients written for it. The one at is an irc client implemented to run in a browser - which makes things pretty simple.

I'm using the irc client named irsii to connect. It's a text based client that works well on Linux but it looks like there is also a windows download for it - and it connected to the IRC server at without any trouble.

These IRC channels have become my third home (after this forum and my settlement forum) and I've used it to organize a lot of trade. I hope more folks join!

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As long as there is no global channel in PFO, this is it, people.

Very easy to join, no account needed.

Just click this link PFO Irc channel and all you have to do is fill in your nickname, then push Go and it will bring you to the PFO channel right away.

Hopefully this can get a Sticky when we move to the GW forums.

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