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Hello everyone,

Below are two questions about S&S Lem.

1. I need a small clarification about Lem's freebooter power related to blessings: "when you play a blessing on any check that has the Swashbuckling trait, add a d12 instead of the normal die".

What if the blessing lets you add 2 dices? Do you add 2d12 or 1d12 and 1 normal die?

2. Concerning the power that lets you use "melee:dexterity+1" for checks that have or are against a card with the Finesse trait : is it something permanent or is it really a power that you decide to play? Because in the second case, since you cannot play two powers during the same step, you cannot use another power at the same time (for example recharge a card while attempting this same check to add one more d4 to it)... And so I guess I have been playing it wrong during the entire Plunder and Peril adventure :(

Thank you in advance for your help!

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1. Yes, any die or dice is a d12. So if a blessing adds 2 dice, it is 2d12 with that power.

2. You can use more than one power on a step/check, you just can't use the same power twice on a step/check.

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
2. You can use more than one power on a step/check, you just can't use the same power twice on a step/check.

Ok but you can play only one card of each card type on a given check/step... And on p9, it is written that "when a card has multiple powers you must choose one of them". So If a choose one power of the character card and use it, I thought that this is equivalent to playing a card that has the type "character".

Am I completely wrong to consider that using a power on my character card is equivalent to "play my character card" (I mean in terms of wording only, because of course I know it is not in my hand!). I read the related paragraph on page 9 again and again but I am still not sure why character cards are not considered to be "played" when their powers are used, given that they are not boons and so the last sentence does not apply.

I always considered that, using Lem's powers, if I choose to recharge a card to add 1d4 to a check, then I cannot (during the same check) use my other power to shuffle it into the deck. Seems I was wrong about that too?

Power feats are not the same as the powers on cards in your hand. As long as you aren't using the same power feat twice for the same check, I believe you are legal. The rules are the same in any case.

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I've personally always understood it as you are using the power of your character card, but you are not playing your character card. You will often notice that the rules separate out the character powers from playing cards. For instance, in attempting a check, it is written like this:

S&S Rulebook p12 wrote:
Play Cards and Use Powers That Affect Your Check

And earlier, on the same page, the rules say this:

S&S Rulebook p12 wrote:
Remember that each player may not play more than 1 card of each type or use any 1 power more than once during each check.

To me, that distinguishes playing card (boons) and using powers (character cards or other persistent powers that don't come from playing a card). If using a character card counted as playing your character card, there would be no need for the "or use powers" parts.

In all cases, no power (whether from a played card or persistent cards) can be used more than once per step. And also, no card may be played more than once per step.

Ok, thank you for this clarification that makes me quite happy in fact ;)

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