Help me make a Knight into a disguised sorc


I found this basic Knight NPC, and would like to have 2 of the knight NPCs in the start of my campaign be disguised sorcs. They need to have the basic sword-fighting skills, but also a level of sorcery, as well as powers of deception so they can deceive some level 5s. I was thinking of removing the falconry and advancing them another level to give them 2 levels of sorc. Any suggestions as to what I can do to make them easy to deal with for a level 5 party, as well as what I should change in my current NPC?

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If you want em to be Sorcerers, you can do a couple things.

Drop a level or 2, of ranger, and add 2-3 sorcerer levels. CR is 5 at that point, and with only 2 foes, a group of 4 players can still flank and out maneuver them.

Write up a pair of Magi, or sorcerers.

Magus would have the spell and sword skills you are looking for.

Rewrite to straight level 5 sorcerer. Minor image to make em look like they actually are wearing armor, breastplate is best for this imo (give em the AC bonus against PC who do not save, new save each time they hit of course). Half Elf can take ancestral arms for proficiency with longsword. Shadow Weapon for their "real" weapon (fits theme, makes em slightly weaker).

Bluff and disguise skills would be a must. I would take the points from handle animal and KN Nature if you keep the Knights as written for a base. Otherwise, just be sure to allocate enough points. You can also give them a bonus when it looks like they are armored with minor image. Silent image is also another option for spell disguises.

There is fake plate mail if that helps

Dafydd more than likely made out the mechanics for ya, Pugh gave you some props. I haven't made a deception character, but if you wanted PC's to believe they were knights, give them squires. Someone to run errands for them and make their rank noted. GL-HF.

*Edit, I suppose they could aid a bluff check, DC 10 for plus 2

I don't know if what I'm a out to say is even close to what you had in mind but here is how I would build it.... Please note I build NPCs as PCs.

Human Ranger 2/sylvan Sorcerer 3 or 4

Alternate racial trait silver tongue. When you got to be a good mouth or bluffer nothing beats this.

Stats for 20 point buy: 7,16(18),12,10,12,16

1) weapon finesse
1H) mounted combat maybe???
Ranger 2) power attack
3) dervish dance
5) boon companion

The idea of selling themselves as knights in game is simple. Having the rangers skills sets no one will question their having the basic knowledge that would be demanded of the sorcerers because if anyone saw them fail in some man we they could talk their way out of with "I'm still learning sir".

Plate armor and such is a pain so instead just have light or better yet no armor. Riding your ever so powerful steed convince your doubters that you are a light calvaryman who chooses to use a scimitar like the Persian Empires light Calvary of old. This style of combat remained quite prevelant in real world history till the fall of the Turks at about late 19th century due to its quality. As a result you should t need to convince true knights of your validity.

Mechanically what I've proposed is a bit of a cheat, Ive proposed something that gives you martial abilities just a little below a rangers melee abilities in damage and to hit (power attack included) and with such high dex you could carry a bow and be decent at it when needed. All the while you have your casting. Not optimal but its as close as I can make it.

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