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I am in the process of building an Eldritch Scion, and I came upon a curious question.

Spell Blending Arcana (Ex):
When a magus selects this arcana, he must select one spell from the Wizard spell list that is of a Magus spell level he can cast. He adds this spell to his spellbook and list of magus spells known as a Magus spell of its wizard level. He can instread selct two spells to add in this way, but both must be at least one level lower than the highest-level spell he can cast.

Can an Eldritch Scion select this Arcana to add one (or two) spells to his Spells Known? I know this is similar to the Expanded Arcana feat.

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The arcana states, "and list of magus spells known."

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Another one along similar lines:
Magus get blood transcription. How would that work for the spontaneous magus?

As written, blood transcription uses the rules for copying spells from another source, so it would provide no benefit to a spellcaster that does not use a spellbook or familiar to store their spells, such as our spontaneously-casting eldritch scion.

But that's kind of boring. Blood transcription also states rather ambiguously that the caster "gains knowledge of this spell for the next 24 hours", so an argument could be made that a spontaneous caster using blood transcription adds the spell to their list of spells known for 24 hours. While the spell was clearly never intended to be on the spell list of a spontaneous caster, this is the interpretation I would use in my own games.

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