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Hello CS,

I have sent emails on 7/03/14 and 9/09/14 requesting assistance, and I have called the CS phone a few times with no luck; I even left a voice mail. If any online CS reps can assist me I would appreciate it. :)

What should I do next?


Customer Service Ray of Funshine

Hi George,

I'm sorry we haven't followed up with you yet! We've been receiving and unusually high volume of inquiries over the summer and are still trying to get caught up on everything. We are trying to help everyone as quickly and as best as we can, unfortunately, it's taking longer than we would like to get to everyone.

It looks like this falls into a group of orders that we are still looking into to see what happened and what we can do. Sorry it's taking long...there are a lot of webs to untangle. I'll be sure to update you as soon as I have more information for you. Which will hopefully be SOON.


Thanks for the update. :)

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