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So this was pointed out by someone in my local group and I just wanted some clarification regarding rage song and allies accepting it. My skald is level 6, but a GM baby so I've never played her.

"If a raging song affects allies, when the skald begins a raging song and at the start of each ally's turn in which they can hear the raging song, the skald's allies must decide whether to accept or refuse its effects. This is not an action. Unconscious allies automatically accept the song. If accepted, the raging song's effects last for that ally's turn or until the song ends, whichever comes first."

So if they accept it, after they finish their turn, they lose the -1 to AC and the extra hit points from the Con bump? Wouldn't that make it sort of difficult and complicated when dealing with AoOs and just hit points in general? Was is supposed to be until the ally's next turn? Otherwise why would it last until the song ends, because each ally's turn is always going be first.

Just thought it was oddly worded and hoped to get an answer.

I think it's definitely supposed be able to be on all the time and last the entire round each use.

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