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Greetings from Bruce Heard,

The World of Calidar, a new project compatible with Pathfinder will soon become available via DTRPG. Here is the project description.


First in a series of RPG accessories describing the World of Calidar and the adventures of the skyship Star Phoenix.

The World of Calidar combines two parts: the story of the skyship Star Phoenix and a fantasy campaign setting for use with role-playing games. This new fictional world focuses on air- and space-faring ships. In Stranger Skies is the title for the skyship's first story, which introduces the vessel and her journey in the skies of Calidar. The crew’s mission is one of exploration fraught with mystery and danger. The fantasy setting section gives an overview of the Calidar Universe and its central world, Calidar, with a focus on the Kingdom of Meryath, the future home of the Star Phoenix.

World of Calidar is intended as the first in a series of releases, each describing a new adventure for the Star Phoenix and providing an expansion to the campaign setting. This unusual format is inspired from the stories written for Dragon Magazine, Voyages of the Princess Ark, and of course vastly expanded here. These were very popular in the 80s and 90s and a major selling point for the magazine. Although written with role-playing games in mind, contents are non game-specific, therefore easily adaptable to most RPG systems. Guidelines are nonetheless provided in the book for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

This product includes a 132-pg premium color book, which provides the skyship's story and the fantasy setting, along with beautiful maps of the world and six color deck plans of the main types of skyships in Calidar's universe. Two related poster maps will become available on, one depicting the Great Caldera (Calidar's "known world"), and the Kingdom of Meryath. The latter is depicted in the popular hex-style format. The 22"x28" poster maps are produced and sold separately from the book due to limitations with print-on-demand.


The book was submitted to the printer yesterday, Aug 19th. Poster maps have already been printed. A detailed project update is available here:

Bruce Heard's Blog

The original project description appeared last January on the Calidar's Kickstarter page:

Kickstarter Page

Feel free to drop by!

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Interesting, but it is not a Paizo product. I flagged your post for being in the wrong section, so don't be surprised if it vanishes (aka be moved to the right section) here.

I hadn't heard of the kickstarter project, but I am looking forward to this book, provided it will be available somewhere other than amazon US.

You're right. Sorry about this. I'm not entirely familiar with this forum yet.

It's perfectly legit (and preferred) if the post were moved to the right place.

Thanks for your interest, Feytharn.

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I was a big fan of the 'Voyage of the Princess Ark' articles and the mystara box that was published later. Can you say if your product will be sold here or at DriveThruRPG, too ?

It'll be sold through DriveThruRPG. Is it possible to sell through Paizo directly?? I wasn't aware of that.

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Paizo sells quite a few 3rd party products (and lots of non-pathfinder related games), although I must admit I am not familiar with the steps you would need to take to sell your stuff here. Best contact the staff via email or through the customer service board.

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Hi, Bruce! You might find some more information about listing Calidar with Paizo in the Consignment FAQ as well.

Looking forward to seeing this. The previews you and Thorf have been providing have been wonderful!

Hi guys. Thanks for the extra info. I'll keep this in mind for the future.

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Hey gang, the printer's proof for Calidar's hard cover book has been delivered and it looks great! More details and pictures are available at:

the usual spot!

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Looks great and happy I'm in on the kickstarter

Thanks again for your support!

Sovereign Court

I did not know you were born in Nice.

So, as I missed the previous episodes, when and where is this / will this be available ? Preferably in print ?

All the details are listed HERE. :)

I'm really excited now for my book to come in from the Kickstarter. It looks awesome. It looks like such a fun setting. I think I might use it as the basis for my first D&D 5th edition game. My next Pathfinder game will probably be set in Freeport, when that Kickstarter book comes in. :-)

Sending out Calidar's kickstarter rewards -- the fulfillment process has begun. Click here for details and updates.


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I got my poster map of Calidar in the mail today, and this is just beautiful. I mean, I'd seen it online already, and I'm well familiar with Thorfinn Tait's works from his earliest days on the Mystara Mailing List and his more recent (and amazing) works with Illustrator, but this poster map is probably the most beautiful map I've ever seen in a fantasy game product. It truly could be a real world map.

Bruce and Thorf, you both have gone above and beyond with this. I can't wait to see the rest of what is coming with Calidar.

Thanks for the praise! May I repost your note on Facebook or elsewhere?

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Bruce Heard wrote:
Thanks for the praise! May I repost your note on Facebook or elsewhere?

Of course!

Looking forward to seeing the hardcover soon, Bruce!

I concur on the Map. Came home from work to find it waiting for me and it is GORGEOUS!!

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I'd also like to point out Thorfinn Tait's Cartography page on Facebook, which features some more of the artwork for this book. Truly spectacular collaboration between Bruce and Thorf on this.

And of course Bruce's own page for more about the soon to be huge world of Calidar.

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Thanks for the shout out and kind words, Andrew. I'm really glad you like it, and looking forward to expanding on the map from here on in.

Calidar Sales Kickoff

Many among you who have missed Calidar's original Kickstarter event, along with backers who picked an entry-level tier, have been asking: "when and where will I be able to get all that good stuff?"

Fret not! This day is fast coming.

I placed the answer to your question in a separate page to be easier to locate later on. Sorry for the redirect. Click here for the right location, or at the top of the blog page on the tab labeled:

Where Can I get Calidar?

I got my maps too and I really like the style and detail. Great work! I'd love to see more maps over time get made.

I also downloaded my PDFs and the book looks like it's going to be excellent. Looking forward to when the physical book arrives.

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Greetings all,

I'm currently working on the next book for Calidar. It focuses on the Gods of the Great Caldera. A number of blog articles present an overview of Calidar's limbo and a summary of the gods. There's enough free material there to keep you reading for some time. I'm looking for feedback from the gaming community before I roll up all this material and finalize it in the book. We can discuss this here. The two key articles to get you started are:

Death and the Netherworld
Gods of the Great Caldera Pt. 1

To start the year on a good note, the price structure for the book's various formats (PDF, soft cover, hard cover book, and poster map) have been lowered, some substantially. Take advantage of this before it changes. Click here to find Calidar.

Another piece of very good news is Calidar's Number One rating on EnWorld for the past several weeks, ahead of the mighty D&D rulebooks.

So, Cheers and Happy New Year!


It's been a while since I last posted here. This looks like a good opportunity to go over all that's happened since then.

CC1 "Beyond the Skies:" It is my present project. I just finished the writing part and am working on the upcoming Kickstarter event. This book is, as you might guess, the second release for my campaign world, Calidar. It details 89 gods spread out among eight pantheons (one elven, one dwarven, one fellfolk, one gnomish, one half-elven, and four human) plus one monotheistic cult. A good deal of the book focuses on outer planes, servants of the gods, divine alliances, secret societies, powers granted to the faithful based on their levels of piety, histories of the cults and therefore of their people, as well as shamans of the Dread Lands, and mechanics on how to handle the Great Caldera's "haunted" wilderness. All told, the book should exceed 250 pages, small type (akin to the presentation style of GAZ3 "Principalities of Glantri" for those of you familiar with this old series of D&D accessories.)

The Kickstarter Event: Funding is needed essentially for the cover art, internal illustrations, and final editing. It is currently projected for December 2015, ending early in January 2016. The book's final release date should be in the summer of 2016, depending on the availability of the artists I'd like to see involved in this project. This Kickstarter is crucial, since it will determine how much internal art will illustrate the various gods. Diagrams, temple floor plans, geographical maps, and godly symbols have already been secured. If you aren't familiar with Calidar, the original Kickstarter took place in 2014 -- click here for that page.

New Website: Calidar Publishing now owns its own website, which gives an overview of Calidar, the game world, the product, and the first book. It includes my blog, a webstore, and an official forum which turned out to be pretty snazzy! Give us a visit and tell us what you think. You can still get your copy of CAL1 "In Stranger Skies," the first book in the series via DTRPG.

Events: I will attend Lake Geneva's Gary Con in March of 2016, as well as North Texas RPG Con in June 2016. I'm looking forward to meeting D&D Mystara and Calidar fans.

Damn, how did I miss this! I'll look into it once it goes live.

The maps looks really sweet - but I hope the placements makes more sense than the Known World. The placement of Ylarum still bugs me after more than 30 years. ;D

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Hi gang! I’m Bruce Heard, the creator of Calidar, one of the top-rated game worlds on En-World. It is inspired from the Voyage of the Princess Ark stories I used to write for Dragon Magazine in the 80s and 90s. Some of you may remember me as the direction behind the D&D’s Mystara Gazetteers at old TSR. I wanted to invite you to watch a short (less than a minute) video about "Beyond the Skies," my new project for Calidar. This 220+ pg compendium tells all about gods, their spirit servants, and their foes, for use with any RPG. Click here to find out about it!

Thanks for the link, Bruce! Good luck!

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Calidar: Dreams of Aerie

Hi All. My third book's crowd funding is coming up mid June. I've made my preview page available to the public. If you have suggestions or questions, please do bring them up. Thanks!

Centered on a flying circus, this mega-adventure and mini-setting can also be run in any game world, with RPG rules of your choice.

Adventure: This RPG adventure also is a self-contained mini-setting. Because the action takes place on a flying circus, Dreams of Aerie is easy to adapt to any game world. Drawing on Barnum & Bailey and Cirque du Freak, this book's main plot elements involve a murder mystery, the rivalries of circus guilds, urban adventuring, and monster-hunting. Countless hooks allow side trips and alternate storylines, as each of the 90+ circus folk hide shadowy pasts and secret motivations. The heroes must contend with secret societies vying for hegemony among circus folk. If left to its own devices, a monstrous presence hidden aboard heralds catastrophic world events.

Sourcebook: This book's setting includes the circus itself, standing amid side shows and carnie shacks, themselves surrounded by a ring of permanent shops and dwellings called aeries, perched at the edge of the clouds. Two more decks lie below with all that the Greatest Show on Calidar needs to function, as well as its dark secrets. Although written for the World of Calidar, this setting is nearly self-contained until the referee starts unfolding the hidden stories of circus folk, and connects them with the chosen game's universe.

Check the video here.

Last call!

I'll be submitting the Kickstarter campaign for final approval within the next day or two. This is your last chance to peruse the preview page and jump in with comments.


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