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Shiver me timbers! ahoy Mates' i be looking to build a pirate character for the Pathfinder Society Organized Play, and i'd like you scurvy dogs to help me with it!! Yar har!!

lol anyway despite needing to work on my pirate talk i was wondering if you folks here on the boards could help me build Pirate Captain character based slightly around Dragons for PFS

the general idea was for him to be a decedent of like a imperial sea dragon ( or some other cool sea dragon lol) and be a cool pirate, havin been captured by the society, his ship (The Salty Dragon) locked up, and him facing a choice of working for and with the society or execution. he chooses to work for the Society under the deal that when he does enough work (basically when he retires) he gets his ship back and the slate is cleared and he can go back to doing what pirates be doing.

i've looked at the classes over and over and i know a couple things
1. going to be human
2. has a eyepatch (-4 to perception)
3. not a summoner or alchemist (played both and rather not deal with summoner stuff, and i rather not go alchemist otherwise he'll end up being a copy of my other alchemist i played in a S&S game lol)
4. has to be able to sway into melee (captains got to lead by example in my opnion -only a coward leads behind his crew and takes no risk-)

besides that im not sure, alot of classes have great stuff to add to this idea but im still not sure what to do about with it, so some help would be great mates ^^

:P.S: aint got the advance class guide yet, but i hope to soon lol. thanks all :)

Swashbuckler from ACG seems the most pirate class I know of. Other than that, fighter, barbarian, bard, ect. What does a pirate do to you? If you can figure out what you're wanting from a pirate it's easier to suggest a class that does that.

Another thing you should ask your self is if you want any special powers or anything from your dragon haratiage. If you do, you'll need to work out with your DM just what kind of power or gifts you get from your dragon ancestors. I think maybe having hair the color of sea dragons scales would be pretty cool. Maybe some other cosmetic tidbits to boot could go along ways for more flavor and fun.

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well he needs to have a commanding air of him, courage, strength, charm, and a love of saying Arr alot ( totally working on my pirate talk lol thank the internet for Mango Languages lol) lol a bit of magic would be nice but not a whole focus on it, standing beside his crew is what i'd like not a range character.

personally i love the sea, i love swimming and anything to do with water lol so i've always enjoyed Pirates and fuigured what better character to finally start my PFS journey with then a Pirate lol

Bloodrager could really work for you, taking draconic bloodline. IT's quite the beast on the front lines, and some bloodline effects and some spells too. needs cha for casting.

This might sound a bit strange but a water based druid. You can have a cool animal companion plus you get spells for your mojo kick. But you can shape shift to melee too. And what would be more terrifing then seeing someone turn into a tiger or rhino in the open ocean on a ship. Plus you can always fight in the water with shape shifts that are water types, like whales, dolphins and the like, You could also talk to the creaters of the sea to learn about the waters your in and what dangers your about to face. I think it would make a great char to play but I'm just here to give you idea's so i hope you like my idea atleast alittle.

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Razal:: truthfully i was thinking druid, only problem im always confused on how animal companions go lol another thing was im not sure there's alot of water based or ship based Scenarios for PFS making part of some stuff useless

Chess:: i would love to take a look at Bloodrager and its archtypes but i dont have the book yet, i'll probally still read up on it though on the d20psrd or archive of nethys when its up though lol

Well i have never played pfs so i don't know how much different they would be from a home game in running an animal companion. But I've never had much trouble running on or using one. I also don't know if they are any ship based adventures or not and if there is how many there would be. But you can open ask and find out. You can also find out how different if is to run an animal companion in pfs vs home brewed game.

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thanks Razal, i'll need to search around on how to use a animal companion in PFS cuase i have no clue lol im guessing the animal just does what you want it too, but im probally wrong about that lol

You have to use handle animal and have it use it's tricks. Always, even if it had an INT of 400

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yeah i figured that, which makes it less appealing to me lol

It should do what you want it to do. Only in PFS you might have to use handle animal more often then say outside of PFS. Or you might have to push your companion which is still just rolling handle animal. So either way i believe its just you need to bump that skill up is all.

I know when i played my druid i loved it. Tho i didn't play much as a melee. I let my animal companion do most of the work, Tho it was pretty much our tank until level 15 too so that was a huge factor. I would wild shape and cast spells tho. air elemental was often a favored, so i would have 100 speed. Few mobs could out run me before i could kill them with spells. I just wish druid had better or more direct damage spells. But we are a good buffer and crowd controller. Nothing beats turning your large animal into huge and then casting strong jaw on him to up his damage.

You could go with another archetype for skull and shackles. Freebooter (ranger archetype) is nifty.

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yeah i was thinking of a Freebooter as well, there is just so many classes that could be good for this guy im having a tough time fuiguring out wich one would suit him best.

when i heard about the Magus that could spontanus cast i was thinking that guy and then going into dragon disicple, but i dont have the book yet (curse thee no job land!!!) lol so im out of luck there,

i had an idea when i first started the S&S AP about a fighter taking a 1lv dip into sorcerer then DD but then i'm stuck worrying about AC and arcane spell failure.

Raphael Valen wrote:

yeah i was thinking of a Freebooter as well, there is just so many classes that could be good for this guy im having a tough time fuiguring out wich one would suit him best.

Pick all the classes you are thinking of playing and then throw a dart at them and which ever it lands on is the one you play. You can always use a coin on a table tho it might take you a few times. I have used both tricks to pick chars i cant decide on what i want to play.

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hmm thats true lmao i could do just that lol -plans random selection, also plans to see how to get ACG-

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Bard (Archeologist) 1, Ranger 4, Dragon Disciple 4, 3 levels to play with.

You get to be dragony, diplomatic, fight well (whichever style you like) and be more than able to handle yourself in melee with a great strength score (backed up by Luck when needed).

Also, Bards have a huge variety of V only spells so Arcane spell failure really isn't a worry (and with Saving Finale nor are saving throws!). High strength, good Charisma & Con, the rest at whatever you like and you're set. Of note, this really plays well with a natural attack build (Ranger 2 gives 2 claw attacks, you can probably pick up a bite via traits/racial heritage, which all ties in nicely to being descended from a Dragon!)

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hmm that sounds really fun to play Suthainn, what order of lvs would be good idea? Ranger lvs first or Bard? and what about Arcane Duelist?

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hmm ok i think i got a good list of what could be a good class for this character lol:

Druid -domain

Cleric of besmara
Oracle of Battle (Besmara)
Ranger (Freebooter, Skirmisher, shapeshifter)
Eldritch Magus+Dragon Disciple (need the ACG to find out what all this guy gets lol)
Sorcerer+Dragon Disciple
Bloodrager+Dragon Disciple
Arcane Duelist Bard + Dragon Discple
Rogue (Swashbuckler, Scout)
Fighter (Crosair, Ustalavic Duelist)
Fighter (Crosair) + Sorcerer + Dragon Disciple
Matrial Artist (Monk) + Cleric of Besmara (Crusader)

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ok after some random power from a random number thing, the class path will end up being a Melee Focused Sorcerer that goes into Dragon Disciple, now time to pick feats and stats i feel i've already gotten traits picked out lol

1.Magical Knack
2. Dragon Blood (Gives me lowlight vision)

im thinking for feats
1. Toughness
2. light armor Proficiency

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hmm im not sure anymore -starts thinking more and more-

If you play a melee sorcerer, don't bother investing in armor proficiency. Grab something like Weapon Focus, because with a low BAB, your to-hit is going to suck. Toughness is never a bad option.

You can also go with draconic Bloodrager, which can also go into Dragon Disciple as far as I know. Just because you're a barbarian, doesn't mean you can't be a dashing captain.

You could also, more amusingly, get some draconic flavor by playing a kobold swashbuckler. Not the most optimal option by any means, but grabbing Slashing/Fencing Grace and maybe the Mouser archetype could make for a decent pirate. It also opens up the Draconic Aspect feat chain, for things like flight and a breath weapon.

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oh man i forgot about this thread lmao, i am so glad that the Archives have the ACG up now so i can probally use the dragonic bloodrager for this guy, however i got to take a look at that build Suthainn lol should be fun to start building a bunch of new characters, and other crew for the Salty Dragon Pirate ship lol

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I have made two pirate characters for pfs, and seen many other pirates in the society. Some piraty builds I've seen are straight witch, straight swashbuckler, a rogue/barbarian/inner sea pirate, and a ranger/monk/gunslinger/horizon walker. All it takes to be a pirate is some profession sailor, and a few other skills depending on how competent of a sailor you want to be (knowledge nature, geography, survival, swim). Any class can be flavored to work.

I have a dragon disciple character that I built as a melee character. Barbarian 1/sorc 4/dragon disciple. Low bab is pretty much made irrelevant by a 34 strength. Made the character before the acg though, you might as well go with bloodrager now.

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