Randomly invited into Skulls & Shackles; barbarian advice?


To make a long story short, I came across a meetup of strangers playing Skulls and Shackles and asked if I could watch. They said it was their first day, one thing led to another and they invited me to join them regularly. Score! DM is fantastic (He's Scottish), we're all adults aged 20-something or up so the likelihood of immature drama should be miniscule.

Since I was completely unprepared and there was only one other melee martial in the group - I rolled an Orc Invulnerable Rager Barbarian. Also, I've played alongside barbarians before and basically know what they do, but I never played as one before. Could I please have some advice/ideas on...

(1) The essentials- what I need mechanically for an effective build, et cetera, and
(2) Character background and playstyle. What would you do with an orc barbarian to make him fun and interesting? I'm leaning towards funny more than serious (our group likes funny), but by all means be extremely serious if that's your thing.

what stats did you get, there is currently one floating around the message boards about where to put a 4. barbarians are hilarious we have mermaid barbarian who throws his greatsword cause he can. he also convinced our healer, while the rest of the party was in town, to paint the ship blue for camouflage. the orc could be battle hungry like classic orcs, he could be out to prove himself a warrior worthily of legend. get the party to swear that if you die in their service they will tell tale "around the campfire'. look up the flaw cute things lover, its a 3.5 hold over but using something like that in rolplay for a big scary looking barbarian orc would be entertaining.

Cant give you any advice on the Barbarian side of things but it should work really well. It goes without saying though to make it as much a seaworthy character as you can as the entire AP as you are doubt aware is sea based.

Make sure you have ranks in intimidate, swim, climb and Acrobatics (they are pretty much essentail for the first part of the game you WILL suffer if you don't have them).

The players guide which you can download for free on the paizo store gives you some useful info to start off.

Its an awesome AP if played well.

Come and Get Me
Greater Beast Totem
Strength Surge
Reckless Abandon
Spell Sunder

Take Power Attack and use other feats for extra Rage Powers. In general, Extra Rage Powers are better than feats. Can I suggest also that you play as a Half-Orc instead of a straight Orc? Orcs may get +4 to strength, but the penalty to mental stats is harsh and being a Half-Orc has an extra benefit. You still count as Human, and can pick up human favored class bonuses. Which means the bonus to superstition, which you should choose every time. You will have the highest saves in the party by doing this, saves to make Paladins and Monks jealous.

Use a falchion or nodachi, depending on how Orc you want to be and you're in good shape.

The Exchange

Profession (sailor) comes into its own in the AP. And so does Intimidate: unlike so many "intimidate = trap" adventures, being a scary jerk will be to your advantage pretty regularly. Orc Ferocity is going to be useful to you pretty regularly - assuming you've got a healer who can pull you back over the brink.

Despite its very real strengths, I recommend against the Superstitious ability. Superstitious is a great ability for those who stand alone, but it's not the best-suited ability for team play. And you just met these guys - you want to be the team player, yes?

Liberty's Edge

Reckless Abandon + Come And Get Me is overkill, to a potentially debilitating degree. Either on their own is fine, but combining the two sacrifices too much AC on most characters.

Other than that, Claxon's advice is sound for the most part, though I'd burn a Feat on Raging Vitality (if not going Orc it's basically essential to avoid dying) and probably another on Improved Sunder (for use with Spell Sunder). Some way of Rage Cycling is also ideal, with the Cord of Stubborn Resolve being the best option as a straight Barbarian, with a level of Oracle also being solid if you have Cha 11+ and are willing to burn a level on it (which would have the added advantage of making Profession - Sailor a class skill).

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Ah superstition. I have made the save against every buff spell coming my way and they won't even try to waste healing spells on me...

The Exchange

Deadmanwalking wrote:
...a level of Oracle also being solid...

I'll never understand why they didn't foresee the Lame curse being ultra-popular in what we might call the Potential Rage Prophet demographic.

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