New Mutants Warlock PF Conversion


I love Warlock. I really do. But I have NO idea on how to convert him to Pathfinder.


This is the best warlock conversion I've come across.

No, no, no, no. Facenapalm. I should've been a wee bit more clear.

I'm talking about Warlock, son of Magus, from the Marvel universe.

Warlock would be a really, really tough one.

Type-wise, he's as much Ooze as Construct. I guess you could try doing him up as a Construct Swarm?

I'd look at the various abilities of oozes like the Carnivorus Blob or Hungry Flesh to start approximating his techno-organic life-absorption abilities.

As a shapechanger, he's got something akin to the Shapechange spell, but you'd probably want to tone that down.

Easier, I think, to do a conversion of Adam Warlock. :D


Maybe for Construct Swarm, we can modify swarm rules a little bit and make the constructs nanobots?

Negative level damage (only temporary, like Enervation) but toned down would be perfect for this.

Maybe we can give him the ability to Alter Self at will, and five times per day, he can free-shift and size up one category. A good example would be the Superlock seen near the end of Inferno-he can also, as a part of his five uses, can turn into a vehicle.

Does this sound about right?

Come to think of it, I guess he wouldn't need the swarm subtype, if we're giving him some kind of shapeshifting. In which case, I'd say either make him a Construct or- more interestingly- an intelligent Ooze.

The energy drain idea is a good one.

An intelligent ooze with the half-construct type?

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