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Mauril Everleaf is an odd creature. He is the offspring of a dwarven father and an elven mother, and as such is a rarity in this (or any) part of the world. His father was Ghul ben'Dad, a warrior of modest renown. He ws more known for his abilities at the forge, making armors and axes, than using his utensils in the wilds. Mauril's mother, who died giving birth to him, was considered an odd elf, especially by elf standards. She cared little for the outdoors, but rathered spending most of her time in great halls, temples or libraries, anywhere that a great structure of wood or stone could be found. Her name was Ulmira Westernisse, daughter of the elven general Salawin.

On one of his several adventures, Ghul and his companions were hired to rescue Ulmira from the Jarls, as she was being held hostage in an attempt to force Salawin to break the siege on Crond. The general would not give up his seige but would also not give up his daughter. Ghul and his band were, seemingly, the only ones crazy enough to accept the challenge set forth by Salawin. After several days of fierce opposition, they rescued Ulmira and returned her to the general. Ulmira, angry that her father would not break his seige and come after her himself, joined Ghul and his companions and returned with them to Barloz.

Ulmira, despite her own resistances, fell for Ghul's simple and rugged charm and he for her grace and understated beauty. They shared a love for worked stone and the quiet of the temples. They were married soon after returning to Mercan and she bore him two children, a set of twins. The ordeal was too taking on her; her body was not designed for a dwarf child, let alone two of them. Ghul named the boy Mauril and the girl Estrenna. Ghul raised both through their adolescence. Estrenna took much after her father and learned the work of the forge and how to wield an axe with utmost precision. But she still had some elven blood in her veins and she went on to become a ranger. She stayed with them for several years but disappeared when Ghul betrayed his people.

Mauril, although he never knew her, took much after his mother. He loved the indoors, epecially libraries and temples. Whenever he could, he would sneak off to pour over tomes and maps. He was especially enamored with myths and tales of the gods and heroes. He studied many books and taught himself several languages. He helped his father at the forge occassionally, but always did so reluctantly. While he thought much like his mother, he looked very similar to his father. He was a bit taller, just under five feet, and rather slimmer, but he has the same rounded nose and full lips. His hair is a mixture of auburn, dark brown and black and he nearly always has a full beard. "It grows too fast to bother shaving," he always says. His eyes are a hazel color, sometimes more brown, sometimes more green. His shoulders are broad but he is by no means muscular.

Mauril desired very much to become a priest of Mishya and set himself about becoming one. He spent much of the years his sister trained as a ranger in the temple, helping the priests arrange and copy tomes, initiate rites and ceremonies and otherwise maintain the temple. However, Mauril could not remain there long. It seems his father has never fully recovered from the death of his Ulmira and he made a bargain with a wizard in order to bring her back. The nature of this bargain is unclear, but in the end only the wizard got what he wanted. Ghul has unwittingly opened the door for the wizard to new and dark necromantic powers. Ghul was quickly killed and raised as a wraith and sent to terrorize Mercan.

The wraith-Ghul killed many of the townspeople before Malik was able to defeat him. Malik gathered together a band of adventurers and slew the necromancer as well.

Mauril was much shamed for the damage and evil that his father had allowed into the city and was made to flee. He wandered not long and came to Firforge. He entered the city as Mauril Everleaf, a half-elf from the north seeking asylum. He offerend his knowledge and dedication in trade for food and lodging. The temple of Mishya took his offer and set him about working in the library, translating their tomes into various languages. Mauril liked his new home, but kept few friends and let little about his past be known. He kept mostly to himself and his books.

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