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The scenario card says to pick a random open location and look at the top card each turn after advancing the blessings deck. I took this as being for each character (I play 4 characters). This made it quite easy as i did not have to use blessings so much to explore. Was this correct or did it mean to treat a turn like the poison cloud card which lasts until the casters next turn. Or am i playing that wrong? I ran into the villian the last card available, on the last card on the blessing deck, but as i said i could have speeded that up using blessings to explore more than i did. Anyway, a great time as always, this game is just awesome!!! Thanks in advance for all polite replies, flames get laughed at :-)))

Sounds right. You did discard the boons and shuffle the banes back into the deck? I think this is to represent the 'destruction' the giants inflict on Sandpoint.

You advance the Blessings Deck each turn, and it says to look at the top card after advancing the blessings deck. What's the question? So you played it correctly. Remember that that one has only 25 blessings so that balances it. Plus, if I remember the card correctly, you lose a boon if you reveal it so you're not going to get as much good stuff out of this scenario.

I'm not sure I'm understanding what you did. You apply that rule once per turn, not once per character per turn. So every time your flip the blessing deck, you choose 1 random open location, no matter how many character there are. That might be what you said you did, but I wasn't quite sure if you said you did it 4 times each turn, once for each character.

Also, Poison Cloud is discarded at the end of the turn it was played on, not the end of the caster's next turn.

Poison Cloud wrote:
Display this card when a character encounters a bane. Any character who encounters a monster this turn adds 1d6 with the Poison trait to her combat check. Discard this card at the end of this turn.

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