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Quick answer: However you like, since it's not specified in canon literature.

My answer: eye-you-DAR-ah, but my pronunciations are inflected by the fact that I am bilingual, and I tend to pronounce fantasy names more often with a German twist because I think it sounds "cooler".

ayo-DAR-ah, would be my guess.


The "ai" could be like the "ai" in air, hair, lair, fair, stair, chair.

It's obviously some elven diphthong that you can only hear with pointy ears; biologically, we lowly humans can't pronounce it correctly.

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As the guy who made up the word, I've always pronounced it "EYE-you-DAR-uh."

If you'd like to ruin your sense of wonder and verisimilitude:


It's pronounced similarly to "ayudar," which is Spanish for "to help." I can no longer remember whether the similarity was intentional, but the elf gates help you get from place to place...


Thank you sir!! :D


ah-ee-oo-dah-rah... though, when I say it fast it would sound more like eye-you-dara.

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i just call her Bill, makes it easier, although i suspect that by doing that with ALL my elves they might've lost their air of wonder and mystery?

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Well shoot. In my mind it was 'wee-DHARA' for some reason. :)

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