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James Sutter wrote:

As the guy who made up the word, I've always pronounced it "EYE-you-DAR-uh."

If you'd like to ruin your sense of wonder and verisimilitude:

** spoiler omitted **

I love getting the "behind the scenes" look at things!


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It is a wonderful thing that it sold out so quickly. The excitement about this game keeps growing. Of course, I'm curious how people are going to have 1st level characters when the core rulebook is released during Gen Con.

If you think you missed your chance, by generics. In most games there are always one or two that don't show to the game.

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Where is the Hell's Vengeance Player's Guide?

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I was just wondering if Paizo made blank pawns. Needing some extra pawns for NPC's; I'd buy this!

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I just signed up to help GM in the 5-9 slot, and THEN read that you have few tables. Can you fit another GM in?