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This playtest was for a completely new character in a Pathfinder Society game with the following game statistics:

Oread Warpriest of Ragathiel with Destruction and Nobility Blessings
Statistics of 18/10/14/10/16/8
Feats of Dwarf Blooded and Power Attack


The PFS scenario included a diverse amount of encounters, including a swarm, some diplomatic encounters, investigation/searching for clues, fighting undead, and fighting an ooze. In the diplomatic / charismatic encounters this character worked approximately as expected for either a cleric or fighter. The ability to cast guidance / use the Nobility Blessing ability was very good for these encounters. As the character is very wisdom focused as well as fighting focused, I did find it very difficult to be able to have a high combat capability as well as high charisma. Charisma is only needed for channel energy, so the benefit of raising that stat is not that high versus the benefit of raising other statistics. In the long run playing a "dwarf" was a good idea as having high constitution or strength and wisdom is needed for more abilities as well as the party role.

Outside of the diplomatic encounters, the character was able to be very engaged and useful. A high wisdom score combined with a trait giving perception as a class skill made the character able to provide some help in the exploration portions. Past this having some spells like comprehend languages and guidance to help others was quite as expected.

During the combat encounters the character did shine and do what he really was intended to do: fight. Having weapon focus at first level as well as a bonus feat made him quite capable as a fighter even without being human. Even without +1 BAB at first level he had a relatively easy time hitting opponents. That being said, it was difficult to get in both spellcasting and blessing use during combat. It seems every single action that I wanted to take was a standard action. At first level, this didn't seem as much of an issue, but I can see how at later levels it would be a problem.

Also, this character did seem similar to the cleric in that on tough fights he is going to need to buff himself to be effective. I'd say that this is going to start somewhere around level 4-6. Without the ability to cast spells as a swift action until level 13 (quicken spell), it is going to make the decision to cast a spell or not very difficult. Combining this with what I saw above concerning channel energy and the charisma score, I'd suggest that instead of channel energy, the Warpriest should get lay on hands but based on wisdom instead of charisma. In addition at level 4 or 5 or even immediately at 2, give an ability to use a daily use of lay on hands to cast a spell as a swift action. This could even be limited to buff spells only (harmless), but I'd rather see the versatility for allowing spells like dispel magic or holy smite as well. Later on, perhaps at 7-9 an ability to use two uses of lay on hands to channel energy would be added. Similar to the Paladin I don't see a problem with this being full strength as the Warpriest will want to save his uses for personal healing and swift spells.

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